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Nissan design new London Taxi

Launch date December 2014

Nissan has unveiled the new face of its Taxi for London which is redesigned to make it instantly recognisable as one of London’s iconic black cabs.

The cab has been developed in London by Nissan Design Europe (NDE) at the same design centre responsible for the popular and successful Nissan Qashqai Nissan Juke. Nissan is no stranger to the London taxi market its 2.7 litre TD27 diesel engine was fitted to the FX4 ‘Fairway’ and TX1 black cabs in the 1980’s  and 1990’s. Nissan also stress that it adheres to the strict Tfl regulations governing Hackney Carriages including the required 25 foot turning circle.

The new Nissan Taxi will be powered by  a modern clean 1.6 litre petrol engine equipped with an automatic gearbox and then Nissan will launch a zero emission electric version of the NV200 taxi in 2015.  The redesign of the NV200 taxi reflects the rich heritage and status of Londons’s black cabs, specific changes have been made to the front of the taxi and include round headlamps and a re-modelled grille which mirros the traditional black cab ‘face’ plus completely new front bumper panels. 

Design Excellence Manager at NDE, Darryl Scriven, said “having already overcome the unique technical challenges presented by the development of a new Hackney Carriage for London ahead of our launch of the vehicle in August 2012, we turned our attention to making the vehicle look the part. The Mayor’s office and taxi drivers were very keen that we maintain the character of the Hackney Carriage, making it something that people in the city can be proud of. The main challenges were concerned with making sure customers can easily recognise it as a taxi. Being in London, we were able to go out and talk to cabbies about what was important to them as well as look at the vehicle from a customer’s viewpoint. It’s unusual for us to be able to work on something as bespoke as this, specifically for one location in the world and we are very proud to have been asked to do so.”

Andy Palmer, Chief Planning Officer and Executive Vice President, Nissan Motor Corporation, said “since we launched our Taxi for London in August 2012, we have worked closely with the Mayor’s office and associated stakeholders and interested parties to ensure that Nissan’s new cab not only raises the bar for both driver and passenger, but is also as instantly-recognisable as its legendary forebears. Alongside this, our engineers at Nissan Technical Centre Europe in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, have continued work on the cab, running real-world trials on the streets of London.”

The  Nissan NV200 Taxi will go on sale in the Capital in December 2014. From launch the new taxi will be available with a 1.6-litre petrol engine,  compared to current diesel London taxis, this engine will be far cleaner, with lower levels of NOx and particulates. 

Tell us what you think of the new London Taxi.


Unique, black cab!!! its a poorly adapted van, if painted white it would fit in well carrying vegetables and tools, please don't insult our intelligence, i for one wouldn't get in it and would search for the trusted friend!!

The most important thing! The vehicle has to be reliable" Economical " reasonably priced!!!!!

Unique to london? Bull s**t is it! They already have the NV200 taxi in New York, slightly different headlights and grill and they are yellow not black, but otherwise it's the same, even has the same name.

Unless the passenger doors are powered and able to be operated by the driver, it won't work. Cab drivers need to be able to lean out of the window to open the passenger doors. They NEVER get wet or out. Also, there should surely be repeat flashers on the large door mirrors. Design doesn't look exclusive enough, just another van conversion. Black cabs are INDIVIDUAL -.

Sorry, to me it just looks like a black van. The grille is to large and shark-like and the back is too square - hence the van-like appearance. Not as good as the 'Boris Bus'

It looks as if it would make a very useful family runabout. Surely it will not be cost effective for Nissan to restrict its sale to just the London Cab market. How about selling it to motor home converters?

Very little of the cab specification has not been given, so it is difficult for London's cab drivers to assess its potential for a useful working vehicle. Will it have powered doors for example? Without any useful specifications it is also impossible to determine whther the price of £30,000 is competitive or not. The grill that is a so-called mirror image of current London cab models is far from being that. It looks more like a shark's moth or that of a grinning Cheshire cat. The proof will be in the eating but for design it is not exactly inspiring.

I drove real taxis for over twenty years. To me this is just another van conversion like the Allied Peugeots.

Looks like a Year 9 art-class project.

horrible!!!!looks like a converted van. Not iconic like previous London cabs.

I cannot wait for a test drive,from the pictures it looks every part a London cab.