posted 6 years ago

Nissan Leaf celebrates first birthday

The first Nissan Leaf was delivered to UK customers twelve months ago

The first Nissan Leaf was delivered to UK customers twelve months ago. Electronics engineer Richard Todd and Smooth Radio DJ Mark Goodier were the first customers in the country to take delivery of their Nissan Leafs at Glyn Hopkin Nissan in Waltham Abbey, Hertfordshire.

After living with his Nissan Leaf for the last twelve months, silicon chip designer Richard said “we've clocked up around 8,000 miles in our LEAF with a mixture of commuting to work and taking the children to and from their various activities. At the weekend there's often even more ferrying to be done, we can easily clock up over two hours of short trips around town on a Saturday, so that's quite a reduction in emissions over a conventional car.”

Mark Goodier was so impressed with his Leaf that he bought a second one just weeks later. He said “we love our Leafs; they are working very well for us. We still think they are the best in the class.”

The Nissan Leaf has been designed from the start to be a purely electric-powered model and in this sense it is truly revolutionary, marking a turning point for the car industry. The electric motor is powered by a Nissan-developed laminated lithium-ion battery with an output of more than 90kW. The car has a range of more than 100 miles. The Nissan Leaf is fully equipped with features such as regenerative braking, air conditioning, satellite navigation, parking camera and advanced on-board IT and telematics systems.