posted 6 years ago

Nissan LEAF Free Offer

Love the Nissan LEAF? If so, check-out its manufacturer's free offer.

Love the Nissan LEAF? If so, check-out its manufacturer's free offer. Nissan, you see, is inviting new and existing owners to claim a free homecharge-i system for their properties. These charge vehicles far quicker than standard home-based plugs. Installation is free too courtesy of British Gas. Nissan is also offering motorists free access to the POLAR charging network until March 2013. This allows them to charge-up in locations such as supermarkets and shopping centres. There are, of course, terms so claimants must live in the Source London, Source East, Midlands and Milton Keynes Plugged-in Places regions.

Steve McLennan, Marketing Director at Nissan Motor GB Ltd commented: “We welcome this free home charging initiative thanks to the partnership between our home charging provider British Gas and POLAR, and are proud to be championing this initiative in our EV dealerships. We can now provide Nissan LEAF owners with a fast, convenient, and safe way of charging their electric vehicle at home - as well as access to public charge points”.

Unlike many electric vehicles, the Nissan LEAF feels like a “proper” car rather than a glamorised milk float. As such it is about the size of a Ford Focus, has space for five people, and a class competitive 330-litre hatchback boot. Furthermore, it feels composed through the corners, has a smooth ride, and sends 108bhp to its front wheels via auto transmission. It, therefore, hits 62mph in a reasonable 11.9 seconds. It is whisper quiet too, as there are no pistons thumping under the bonnet. The LEAF also has a tremendous specification. Highlights include the reversing camera, key-less entry system, and touch- screen display. See, the LEAF is a proper car... but could you live with the 109 mile range?