posted 3 years ago

Nissan Leaf reports 99.99% 'battery success'

Worlds Best selling all-electric car

Nissan has released data that shows 99.9% of its battery units remain entirely fit for purpose proving the long term reliability of the battery technology. The Leaf is the world’s best selling all electric car and battery technology is part of the success story. 

The Nissan Leaf was launched over four years ago it was one of the first mass-market, pure-electric vehicles. Nissan has sold over 165,000 Leaf vehicles with more than 35,000 of which have been sold in Europe.

Owners have reported significant savings since owning a LEAF,  it is savings all round a full charge on the Leaf gives up to one hundred and twenty four miles range and costs from approximately £2 depending upon time of day and tariff. Over a distance of 10,000 miles drivers can expect to save around £1,000 which would otherwise have been spent at the fuel station plus British Gas currently offer a 16Amp data-enabled Home Charging Unit (HCU) which will charge Leaf from empty to full in eight hours. With just three main components involved; the on-board charger the inverter and motor the Nissan Leaf is also 40 percent cheaper to maintain compared to petrol or diesel power.  To prove the long-term reliability of the battery Nissan tracked down a rather infamous early model the owner is still enjoying fault-free motoring in her LEAF three years on which can be viewed at :

Three trim levels on offer

There are three trim levels available to UK buyers; the Visia, Acenta and Tekna.  The Leaf has plenty of boot space because of the relocation of the charging point.  The top of the range Tekna features a  BOSE™ energy-efficient sound system with a subwoofer and seven speakers plus 17-inch alloys and LED headlamps. There is no compromise on boot space as the car has been designed with neat packaging of the lithium-ion batteries, in fact there is as much boot space as a Ford Fiesta which has a very generous boot.