posted 5 years ago

Nissan LEAF Tekna Hire Purchase Offer

Nissan LEAF Tekna Hire Purchase Terms And Conditions

The Nissan LEAF Tekna Hire Purchase Plan makes buying this electric car easier than a weekend at the seaside. Representative terms include the £8,779.30 deposit that precedes thirty-six monthly instalments of £499. The total cost is £26,743.30 (representative APR 6.9%). At the end of the term the motorist owns the car so can continue to take trips to the seaside. Good thing too, sandcastles cannot build themselves. And there is one more important point. Some electric car manufacturers – including Nissan – enable motorists to hire cars separately from the batteries. These are provided via a second package costing (say) seventy pounds per-month for seven thousand five hundred miles per-year. The benefit is lower monthly car rental and not owning a component that can be expensive to replace (and has an uncertain life expectancy). Any replacement will certainly cost more than a new bucket and spade. This offer, however, includes the batteries so there is only one regular payment and the car might be easier to sell in the future as it is complete. Furthermore, the batteries are backed by a five year warranty that guarantees replacement should minimum capacity fall below a certain level. So, there is no right/wrong way to source batteries; just preference.

Nissan LEAF Tekna Range, Charging Time And Equipment

The Nissan LEAF Tekna has a range of up to one-hundred and twenty-four miles but - as with every electric car – this varies according to the conditions. So, racing uphill to the seaside while heavily laden with family and their beachwear empties the battery faster than cruising on the flat with one person aboard. Factors such as temperature, the motorist's driving style and what equipment is running can influence the range too. The Nissan LEAF can be charged from home - via a Thirty-Two Amp Home Charging Unit – in four hours or by a standard plug in ten. It can also be topped-up by the CHAdeMO Charger that fills its battery from zero to eighty percent in about thirty minutes. Furthermore, this top of the range trim has plenty of equipment. Highlights include the Around View Monitor which provides a view of the surroundings via a camera on each side and a colour screen. What better way to avoid crashing into somebody's prized sandcastle while parking? This zero emission car is also pleasant to drive thanks to the precise steering, smooth automatic transmission and decent ride. See you at the seaside.