posted 5 years ago

Nissan LEAF UK Sales Hit 3,000

Nissan LEAF Maximum Range And Charging Times

Grab the abacus: the Nissan LEAF has clocked-up three thousand sales in the United Kingdom (shall we count them?). That makes it one of the most popular electric vehicles in the country. Sales came courtesy of the original model that was launched in 2011 and the second generation version which followed in 2013. The latter – that accounts for thirteen hundred sales - has more than than one-hundred improvements over its predecessor (shall we count those too). Highlights include the extended range, so this five-door hatchback is capable of one-hundred and twenty-four miles rather than one- hundred and nine. This is thanks to enhancements such as the lower friction mechanical components, superior aerodynamics and more efficient energy/battery management. As with every electric car, however, the range varies according to the conditions. So, racing uphill with a car load of passengers – that have been carefully counted – drains the battery faster than cruising slowly on the flat with one person aboard. Factors such as temperature, driving style and what equipment is running might influence the range too. The Nissan LEAF can be charged from home - via a 32A Home Charging Unit – in four hours or by a standard plug in ten. It can also be topped-up at rapid charging ports that charge its battery from zero to eighty percent in thirty minutes.

New Nissan LEAF Specification

Grab the abacus: the Nissan LEAF comes in three forms: Visia, Acenta and Tekna. What a contrast to the one-size-fits-all old version. The Visia has: steel wheels, black mirror caps and halogen headlights whereas the Acenta adds alloy wheels, tinted rear windows and body coloured mirrors. The Tekna has a Bose stereo and Nissan's Around View Monitor too. The latter provides a view of the surroundings via a colour screen and a camera on each side of the vehicle. These are positioned above the front grill, in the base of the wing mirrors and close to the rear registration plate. This system makes parking easy and minimises the risk of wrecking the paint by crashing into an abacus. The Nissan LEAF is also pleasant to drive. Enhancements over its predecessor include the steering that has better weight, more progressive brakes and the superior suspension that provides a more planted feel. These strengths complement the bigger boot that has less intrusions than its sibling. Prices range from £20,990 – £25,490 – and that can be confirmed via an abacus.