posted 5 years ago

Nissan LEAF Worldwide Sales Hit 100,000

Nissan LEAF Covered With Coins To Celebrate Sales Milestone

A Nissan LEAF has been covered with one-hundred thousand coins. Why? Because the manufacturer is celebrating selling one-hundred thousand examples of its fully electric, zero emission, car. Sales came via the original model that was launched in 2011 and its successor from 2013.  Now, it took a team of three people seven days to stick a layer of coins to the bodywork, wheels and wing mirrors. Furthermore, the word “LEAF” has been added to the sides by building-up three layers of coins. This workhorse now sports fifty thousand two pence coins from the United Kingdom and fifty thousand two cent coins from Europe. These have increased its mass by more than five-hundred kilogrammes. No wonder it has recently been on show at the Martins of Winchester Dealership that sold the one-hundred thousandth example to Brett Garner, a local dentist and self confessed 'technology freak'. Nissan chose two pence and two cent coins because it claims it costs two pence per mile – or two pence per kilometre - to run the standard production version.

Nissan LEAF Range, Charging Time And Equipment

The current Nissan LEAF has a range of up to one-hundred and twenty-four miles but - as with every electric vehicle – this varies according to the conditions. So, racing uphill with several passengers and a boot full of heavy luggage drains the battery faster than cruising on the flat with one person aboard. Factors such as temperature, driving style and what equipment is running can influence the range too. The Nissan LEAF can be charged from home - via a 32A Home Charging Unit – in four hours or by a standard plug in ten. It can also be topped-up at rapid charging ports that fill its battery from zero to eighty percent in thirty minutes. Furthermore, this run-around comes in three trims: Visia, Acenta and Tekna. The Visia has: steel wheels, black mirror caps and halogen headlights and the Acenta adds alloy wheels, tinted rear windows and body coloured wing mirrors. The Tekna has a Bose stereo system and Nissan's Around View Monitor that provides a view of the car's surroundings via a colour screen and camera on each side. This zero emission vehicle is also pleasant to drive thanks to the nicely weighted steering, fair turn of speed and decent ride. Prices range from £20,990 to £25,490 on the road – which includes the UK Government's £5,000 Ultra Low Carbon Car Consumer Incentive Discount.