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Nissan Note 1.6 N-TEC+ Auto 0% Finance

Nissan Note 1.6 N-TEC+ Auto 0% Hire Purchase

The Nissan Note 1.6 N-TEC+ Auto is available via two 0% interest finance offers. Terms for the hire purchase plan include the £6,486 deposit of which the manufacturer pays £500. This is followed by thirty-six monthly instalments of £249. The total cost of this compact multi-purpose vehicle - including the manufacturer's contribution – is therefore £15,450. At the end of the contract the motorist owns the car outright so continues to benefit from its family focused strengths. The 1.6 N-TEC+ Auto therefore has a spacious cabin to complement its class-competitive 280-litre boot – and folding the rear seats flat combines the two to create a 1,332-litre cargo area. Whereas these figures are not vast, the Note's estate-like shape helps it swallow boxy items that will not fit in some longer cars. Power comes from a 1.6-litre 110PS petrol engine that propel motorists to 62mph in 11.7 seconds and averages 41.5mpg. The latter is not particularly inspiring and shows the design's age – as does the four-speed automatic gearbox that could benefit from another cog (or two). On the plus side, this top of the range workhorse is nicely equipped. Highlights include: climate control, privacy glass, cruise control, rear parking sensors, Bluetooth, MP3 connectivity, front fog lights and the automatic windscreen wipers/lights.

Nissan Note 1.6 N-TEC+ Auto 0% Finance PCP

The Nissan Note 1.6 N-TEC+ Auto is also available via a 0% interest personal contract purchase plan. Terms include the £4,593.75 deposit of which the manufacturer contributes £500. This precedes the thirty-six monthly instalments of £169. However - unlike the 0% interest hire purchase plan that ensures the motorist owns the car at the end of the contract – he/she then has three options. The first is to pay the £4,772.25 final payment to own the Note 1.6 N-TEC+. This totals £15,450. Option two is to return it. There should be nothing else to pay assuming it is in reasonable condition and within the 10,000 mile annual allowance. Excesses cost 8.0 pence per-mile and unreasonable wear/damage is charged based on severity. Option three is to part exchange via a new personal contract purchase plan. Here, any value above the optional final payment contributes toward the replacement vehicle's deposit. Both these 0% interest finance offers are available until June 30th 2013. To qualify the motorist must be at least eighteen years old and live in the United Kingdom (excluding Channel Islands/Isle of Man).