posted 6 years ago

Nissan Pixo Finance

The Nissan Pixo could be yours for the price of a bag of sprouts (nearly).

The Nissan Pixo could be yours for the price of a bag of sprouts (nearly). But – unlike stinky veg – its personal contract purchase plan leaves a nice taste in the mouth. Terms for the 1.0-litre n-tec manual trim therefore include a £1,799 deposit, followed by thirty-six monthly payments of £139. Throughout this period sprout haters have an annual mileage allowance of 10,000, with excesses charged at 6.0 pence per-mile. At the end of the contract there are three options: One, pay the pre-agreed £2,568 purchase fee to own the vehicle outright. This totals £9,371 including interest and the finance facility fee. Option two is to return it like over-boiled vegetables at a posh restaurant. There should be nothing else to pay subject to mileage/condition. Option three is to part exchange it and begin a new contract. Pleasingly, if the Pixo is worth more than the purchase charge any difference contributes to the deposit.

The Nissan Pixo 1.0 n-tec has numerous strengths. It is a Nissan, for starters, so long term reliability is virtually guaranteed. This complements the light steering, smooth five-speed gearbox, and fair ride. There are, however, a couple of gremlins. The boot's capacity is only 139-litres – increasing to 367-litres when the rear rear bench is folded flat - so there is not much room for smelly vegetables. This five-door run-around could also benefit from a little more poke. Its 68bhp engine, after all, takes an uninspiring 14 seconds to propel motorists to 62mph. At least it averages a pleasing 65.7mpg. Standard toys include: air-con, electric front windows, alloys, and power steering. Very nice too... but how can I make sprout soup?