posted 2 years ago

Our Daily Mail Article Sparks Tirade Against Women Drivers

We explored the comments section of an article referencing our statistics on the Daily Mail...

A recent FOI that we conducted, the results of which were published in an article on the Mail Online, shockingly found that 30-year-old women are 19 times more likely to be caught drink-driving than 18-year-old women. The publishing of this article resulted in some extremely disturbing comments made by the Daily Mail’s readership. 

Despite the fact that the article also pointed out that men were 78 per cent more likely to offend than women, the report sparked a sexist backlash against women drivers in the comments section. 

There were at least 16 comments which could be considered derogatory against women, the worst of which called women drivers “hormonal killing machines” and claimed that “women need alcohol to cover up their insecurities at this age.” Do these sexist comments reflect what society secretly thinks about women drivers? Or is it just a small section of small-minded, troll-like individuals voicing their divisive views from behind a computer screen?

women drink driving

In addition to these sexist comments, perhaps an equally bleak picture of society was uncovered. Over 14 comments found individuals who had either driven while drunk themselves or knew someone personally who has drunk driven. Worryingly, some of these comments even offered advice on how to drink drive safely (if that is even possible). One reader advised: “I drive better after six pints of Stella, been doing it for years never had a crash or been stopped by the cops , just keep to the speed limits and make sure all your lights are working and leave the pub 10 minutes before closing time.”

women drink driving

Surprisingly there was also a backlash against the youth of today, despite there being a relatively low level of teenagers found to be drunk driving. Readers repeatedly made unfounded claims that younger drivers were resorting to drug driving rather than drink driving, with one reader claiming “Kids know that by taking drugs they have less chance of getting caught and half the joy is sticking their fingers up.” However there is little evidence suggest this is actually true.

women drink driving

So do these comments really reflect the social norms of people in Britain today? Do we really believe that women are worse drivers than men, that the kids of today are more likely take drugs while driving, and do we believe it is acceptable to drive after consuming over the legal level of alcohol? 

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