posted 6 years ago

Park Easy in the all-new Nissan Qashqai

‘World’s most parkable car’

The new Nissan Qashqai now boasts a unique combination of technologies which takes the stress out of parking and makes the Nissan Qashqai the ‘world’s most parkable car’. 

The new Nissan Qashqai is available with Park Assist, which works in harmony with Nissan’s ever popular Around View Monitor.  Automatically measuring the size of an available parallel parking space, Park Assist actively takes care of steering into the space with the driver controlling just the forward and reverse motion. The advanced parking system requires a space which is just 80cm longer than the length of the Qashqai to be able to automatically steer the car neatly into position, saving time and avoiding damage to wheels, tyres and bodywork. The system can also assist in bay parking, with the driver benefitting from the ‘helicopter view’ provided by the Around View Monitor (AVM) to guide them through the process. Once the system has detected the white lines of an empty bay (required for the system to operate), it will automatically park inside them. The ‘Around View Monitor’ uses cameras mounted on the tailgate, front grille and beneath each door mirror complete a 360 degree picture. Images from the camera are displayed on the new, larger seven-inch NissanConnect screen. With all this fantastic equipment there is no excuse not to be able to park the car and certainly no worries about reversing into a space!

And there is more….the moving object detection helps even more, the Qashqai’s cameras can detect if something moves into critical areas around the car. The system gives an audible warning and highlights the area in which the moving object is detected on the NissanConnect screen. The Qashqai is also available with front and rear parking sensors that deliver audible warnings to the driver when manoeuvring as well as a visual display via the Qashqai’s dashboard combimeter.

In addition to its remarkable parking features, the new Qashqai comes with a unique package of driver aids that not only significantly enhance safety and convenience, but deliver exceptional value to drivers. Nissan Safety Shield is a collection of features designed to enhance the safety of occupants in line with Nissan’s ongoing vision towards zero accidents, a sentiment underlined by the company’s commitment to produce commercially viable autonomous vehicles by 2020.

In the all-new Nissan Qashqai, Safety Shield technologies include the following features: Forward Emergency Braking; Driver Attention Alert; Traffic Sign Recognition; Lane Departure Warning; Blind Spot Warning; Moving Object Detection and High Beam Assist.