posted 5 years ago

Parking Fines Hit £30,000,000 Per-Month

Freight Transport Association Not Surprised By Amount Of Parking Fines

The Freight Transport Association claims it is “no surprise” that motorists pay more than thirty million pounds per-month in parking fines. As such, every month authorities throughout the country issue eight-hundred and ninety thousand Penalty Charge Notices (PCN). That equates to approximately twelve-hundred per-hour. Furthermore, one-third of these authorities account for nearly eighty percent of the fines. Within this the London Borough of Westminster, London Borough of Camden, City of London and Transport for London are among the most prolific. The Freight Transport Association - which represents the interests of companies that move products by road, rail, sea, and air - also claims the number of fines being issued has risen recently. This, of course, has had a range of implications for its members. As such, it is helping with the administration that is associated with parking fines via its support service. It also produces a variety of compliance/support material some of which was written with help from a council official. 

Natalie Chapman Discusses Fixed Penalty Notices

The Freight Transport Association's Head of Policy For London, Natalie Chapman, said: “FTA is working with its members to help them better manage their PCNs through identifying hotspots and improving driver training.  A well-targeted and intelligent approach to appealing unfair PCNs could save some companies hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.  However, in some locations there is simply no-where for drivers to stop to make deliveries, therefore commercial vehicle operators have grown smarter when dealing with the problems of making deliveries in the unfriendly roadside environment of central London.” 

The Freight Transport Association's Role

The Freight Transport Association has been supporting the industry since 1889. As such, tasks including providing courses that cover driving, dangerous goods, international operations, etc. The Association also claims to have prevented the introduction of a fuel duty rise, ensured provisions are in place for VOSA test station closures, and avoided an increase in vehicle excise duty. Good news for its members that operate more than two-hundred thousand lorries in the UK. In addition, the Freight Transport Association supports Transaid by - among other things - donating £10 from every member's annual subscription. Why? Because this charity makes transport cheaper, safer and more effective in developing countries. Transaid was founded by Save the Children and The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, and the Patron is HRH The Princess Royal. 


I think Brian M's comment is spot on. If we're going to be fined from time to time,let the charities benefit. At least some good comes out of this.

Maybe fines should not go to the local councils - perhaps 100% to a suitable charity. Or alter finds to become community service which is probably fairer anyway, and only prosecute in cases that are causing congestion/inconvenience to others or being a consistent offender. That would remove the money incentive.