posted 3 years ago

Parking Rage Sweeps UK As Drivers Struggle To Find Spaces

Drivers spying on neighbours

Parking rage is "sweeping" the United Kingdom and 3 million people spy on neighbours to safeguard room for their own vehicles, Privilege claimed. The insurer argued that parking rage is the “little-known relation of road rage”. People, therefore, get cross, frustrated, and vandalise cars in response to alleged poor parking.

Privilege suggested that 66% of adults say it is a "basic right" to park outside their home, so some mark spaces with cones. However, other drivers can – unless there are yellow lines or other restrictions to indicate otherwise – park at their convenience. Vehicles must not block driveways or cause safety issues, however.

Consequences of parking rage

Parking rage culprits have taken various actions, the insurer explained. 1 in 7 left a note, 1 in 8 caused a verbal altercation, 3 in 100 called the police, 4 in 100 scratched the vehicle's paintwork, and 1 in 17 deflated its tyres or followed once it left.

Charlotte Fielding, Head of Privilege Car Insurance, suggested the volume of traffic and limited parking causes friction. She said: "Car ownership is increasing and the roads are busier than ever, and that - combined with motorists with varying levels of consideration for others on the road - can be a recipe for rage."

Ms Fielding suggested how motorists that prefer to park without incident might behave. "Wherever you park (and) however you park, it is always best to make sure that you’re doing so within the law, and are mindful of other road users and home owners", she revealed. 

She discussed vandalism too. "We do see cases of malicious damage to vehicles such as keyed cars", Ms Fielding explained. She concluded: "We would advise anyone who gets caught in a moment of anger and feel moved to take revenge in this way to remember that this does count as a criminal act, however small the damage".

Causes of parking rage

The insurance company revealed the most common causes of parking rage, in the United Kingdom. These include: having a vehicle blocked-in by a fellow motorist, seeing a car occupy multiple spaces unnecessarily, being blocked in/out of a drive, and waiting for a space in a car park then seeing another motorist steal it.

Areas with most parking rage

Newcastle residents most often boil with rage (40% per-week). This is followed by those in: Norwich (38%), Southampton (36%), London (34%), Liverpool (33%), Birmingham(32%), Leeds (31%), Cardiff (29%), Glasgow(29%), Manchester(28%), Bristol (27%), Nottingham (25%), Sheffield (25%), Plymouth (23%) and finally Edinburgh (22%).