posted 5 years ago

Pay To Park At Private Garages And Driveways

Cut Time Spent Looking For Parking Spaces

Finding a parking space can be more stressful than raising teenagers - but mercifully motorists can now rent private garages, private driveways, and private bays. How? Via So, imagine a scenario: a motorist wants to leave his car close to Bournemouth Train Station. He therefore registers with the service provider and enters this location and his time requirements into its database. The system then presents its results that can be filtered to best suit his requirements. The motorist – who is enjoying a blissful moment of peace away from his kids - can therefore view (say) garages and driveways only. He can also search for parking that has: security gates, CCTV, 24/7 access and lighting, etc. If necessary, the motorist can also look for parking that is suitable for larger vehicles or motorcycles. Results can be presented by price, distance, etc. Customer reviews and photographs – when available – make the choice easier. Once he has chosen a space, the motorist books and pays via Visa, etc. This process could be instantaneous or only completed with the land owner's permission. A few days after parking, the customer receives an e-mail requesting feedback to help other motorists choose their parking bays.

Price of Parking spaces have hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly rates. These can be set by the land owner or the service provider. With the latter, the daily price is five times the hourly rate - and the weekly cost is five times the daily. Finally, the monthly cost is the weekly price multiplied by four. The hourly starting figure, however, is based on the space's location. As such, bays close to high streets, sports stadiums, concert halls, train stations, and airports tend to command higher prices than those in the middle of nowhere. Let us consider a couple of examples. At the time of writing, there is driveway available from August 1st 2013 close to Bournemouth Train Station. It costs 50 pence per-hour, £1 per-day, £7 per-week or £25 per-month. There are, however, also considerably more expensive options but there is plenty of parking for a modest sum in the area. In contrast, a motorist could park close to Twickenham Rugby Ground from the same period for £3.50 per-hour, £20 per-day, £140 per-week or £600 per-month. This price variation reflects the fact that finding a space in London - particularly next to a world famous sports facility - is tougher than the same pastime in Bournemouth. But hey, nothing is tougher than raising a teenager.