posted 6 years ago

Petrol Prices to go up so ‘time to fill up’

Petrol prices are to increase in the next few days

It has been reported that petrol prices are to increase in the next few days and by up to four pence per litre. This has been forecast by the Petrol Retailers Association and would add approximately two pounds to the cost of filling a typical family car.

The AA have forecast a smaller rise of about 2.5 pence per litre, as it accused the industry of failing to pass on falls in wholesale prices as quickly as increases. AA president Edmund King told the Daily Telegraph "another new year, another new round of pump price rises after the industry failed to pass on fully wholesale price savings. The insight we are now getting on wholesale price movements rams home the need for this information to be out in the public domain immediately."

Back in November last year the AA accused ministers of failing drivers and businesses by not clamping down on what they believed as unfair fuel prices. The motoring group said that while average unleaded prices had gone down from 138.95p a litre in mid-October to 135.08p and diesel dropping from 143.74p to 141.89p, motorists were still being short-changed. The AA believed the fall in wholesale petrol prices across Europe should have knocked UK pump prices down by between 10p and 11p a litre instead of by an average 4p. commented it is time that the UK motorist stopped getting hammered in the pocket and not just on fuel, year after year we see the average motorist experiencing increases in fuel, car insurance and tax and motorists are simply an easy target.

How can the motor industry thrive in such a climate when in the UK owning a car is becoming such an expense that daily motoring is now unenjoyable. Ministers need to take a long look at themselves and start to give the public a little back which means if wholesale fuel prices fall then so should the pump prices and perhaps the motorist might start being a little forgiving towards the government.