posted 6 years ago

Peugeot 107 Just Add Fuel

Shopaholics... fancy hitting the high street sales in a new Peugeot 107?

Shopaholics... fancy hitting the high street sales in a new Peugeot 107? If so, rejoice. Why? Because this nimble city car - specifically the Active 1.0 three-door version - is now available via the manufacturer's 'Just Add Fuel Offer'. Simply make monthly payments of £179 to cover: three years vehicle hire, insurance, warranty, servicing, road tax, and roadside assistance. This rises to £205 per-month for motorists aged twenty-one or twenty-two - and is subject to further terms and conditions. At the end of the contract simply return the car then take a bus to the shops. There should be nothing else to pay subject to mileage limitations and condition. Best not swap paint with a Tesco trolley, then.

The Peugeot 107 Active 1.0 three-door has numerous strengths to entice shop lovers. Its lines are modern, for starters, and it looks more stylish than a gold plated credit card. Furthermore, this shopaholic produces 68bhp so it hits 62mph in a respectable 12.3 seconds. No reason to be late for the sales, then. It also averages a pleasing 65.7mpg (55.4mpg in town), so trips to the petrol station are rarer than a helpful assistant in a budget clothing store. The Peugeot 107 Active three-door is also reasonably equipped. Shoppers delights include: air-conditioning, electric front windows, a CD player, and an immobiliser to protect your purchases. What a pity the boot's capacity is only 139-litres. It therefore seems smaller than the discount I was offered on a suit. £15 - that is outrageous.