posted 6 years ago

Peugeot 208 Access 1.0 VTi Just Add Fuel

Kids are ignoring their toys.

Kids are ignoring their toys. Why? Because the Peugeot 208 Access 1.0 VTi is within reach of the very young. We refer, of course, to the Just Add Fuel Offer that is now being offered to twenty-one year old motorists. So, simply make monthly payments of £208 to cover: three years hire, insurance, warranty, road tax, roadside assistance, and servicing. Then … just add fuel and return the car at the end of the term. There should be nothing else to pay subject to mileage (6,667 per year) and condition. This package - Peugeot has emphasised - corresponds with news from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders that “young drivers are putting off car servicing to save money”. This is a false economy. The purpose of servicing a car is to keep it reliable by fixing small faults before they become big issues. A lose fan belt, for example, can be fixed in moments for the cost of a new rattle. But ignore it and the car could overheat, breakdown, and require far more expensive repairs. That cash could be better spent on action figures and dressing-up dolls.

Neil Moscrop, Director of Sales at Peugeot, said: “The figures recently published by the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) offer the latest indication that young drivers are now - more than ever - feeling the financial challenge of owning a car. As insurance costs continue to increase, servicing is wrongly being seen as a luxury many young drivers simply can’t afford.” Mr Moscrop concluded: “The welcome addition of the 208 VTi 68 to the Just Add Fuel range demonstrates Peugeot’s on-going commitment to support young drivers by making some of our most desirable models available through JAF.”

The Peugeot 208 Access 1.0 VTi has numerous strengths that tempt kids to leave their toys behind. It looks fantastic, for starters, thanks to its sculpted bonnet and sweeping profile. This complements the sure-footed handling and comfortable ride. Plus – when youngsters “just add fuel” - this 1.0-litre 68bhp hatchback consumes it slowly. It therefore averages 65.7mpg, manages 74.3mpg on the extra-urban cycle, and returns 55.4mpg in town. But that frugality helps make this three-door hatchback slower than many of its competitors. As such, it takes 15.9 seconds to hit 62mph. That is extremely modest. The 208 does, however, have a few toys to compensate. These include: power steering, cruise control, electric front windows, a CD player, MP3 connectivity, and the electronic stability programme. This prevents the rear tyres losing traction on corners and spinning the car into a toy shop. Good thing too … it would be a pity to hurt Batman.