posted 12 years ago

Peugeot 308 to use eco tyres

Peugeot 308 to feature Michelin Energy Saver tyres

Michelin will unveil a new tyre at next week’s Frankfurt motor show which is claimed to reduce rolling resistance by 20 per cent therefore improving fuel consumption and lowering CO2 emissions.

The Energy Saver tyre will be fitted as standard to two versions of the new Peugeot 308 which goes on sale on the 20th September 2007.

The tyre was developed by Michelin as part of the 308 project. Peugeot is the first manufacturer to get the tyre and the company has exclusive use of it until February 2008.

The tyre is available in both 15-inch and 16-inch sizes. It will be fitted as standard to the 90 HDi and 110 HDi 308s.

Changes to the composite of the rubber carcass have allowed Michelin to manufacture a tyre which it is calculated will reduce CO2 emission by 4g per kilometre. Measured over 200,000 kms – the ‘life’ of the vehicle – this equates to a reduction of around one tonne of CO2.

The tests were carried out by TÜV SÜD Automotive – an international testing, consulting and compliance management agency - and measured against the six top ranking products.

Michelin claims that the durability of the Energy Saver tyre is the same as its standard tyres.