posted 4 years ago

Peugeot Fans Gather 120 Rare Cars In UK

Peugeot Enthusiasts Descend On National Motor Museum At Beaulieu

Sounds fun. Peugeot enthusiasts recently gathered one-hundred and twenty of the brand's rarest cars for a special event in southern England. These vehicles – some of which are decades old – are owned by members of l’Aventure Peugeot which is the manufacturer's “heritage arm”. It has a museum in Sochaux (France) too. Club members pay approximately twenty pounds per-annum for free access to the museum. Other benefits include reduced tariffs for special events and preferential rates to examine documents and technical manuals. These can be invaluable for writers, journalists, vehicle restorers, historians, etc. Club members came to the event from the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Italy. They met at a hotel in Southampton, admired the cars, basked in the sunshine and had cream tea. The theme was “best of British”, after all. During the event two strangers from different countries discovered they had seen the same cars for sale online. The following day the motorists drove through the New Forest passed striking scenery and free roaming horses. The destination was the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu where the general public admired these historic machines. That sounds fun too.

The Cars That Made The Event

Club members brought a wide variety of cars to the event. The oldest was a 1922 Peugeot Type 173S. Its owner, Christian Bottero, said: “This is a unique model with roadster bodywork by a coachbuilder in Marseille. I still do around five-hundred miles a year in it. It would be impossible to restore if it got damaged, but I like driving it because it puts a smile on people’s faces.” Furthermore, Piet Kostelijk – an eighty year old from Holland - brought his 1934 601 Roadster from his collection that includes a 202 Cabriolet, 302, 304, 404 and 504 Cabriolet. He said: “Only 109 of the 601 Roadsters were built and there are just five left in the world. When I got mine seventeen years ago it wasn’t a runner. But this was always my dream car so there was never any question whether I would get it working again.” Ken Broughton, in contrast, brought his 403 to the event and revealed that: “I’ve never seen so many in one place. Mr Broughton explained that: “I don’t have a problem finding parts for my car because whenever I heard that a dealership had parts I would buy them. I’ve got a garage full”. Sounds fun too.