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PEUGEOT INSTINCT Concept Hints At Future Of Autonomous Motoring

Concept car autonomous operation, manual operation, connectivity, cockpit features, style, and power source.

Autonomous and Manual Drive Modes

The PEUGEOT INSTINCT Concept showcases strengths that the manufacturer's forthcoming, fully-autonomous, vehicles might incorporate. Manual Drive Modes – that enable motorists to take control - are Drive Relax and Drive Boost, for example. The latter likely makes the handling sportier by (say) stiffening the suspension, making the steering faster and sharpening the throttle.

Autonomous Soft and Autonomous Sharp modes enable motorists to relinquish control, but to some extent choose how the vehicle responds. Autonomous Sharp, for example, might shorten journey times by enabling the car to corner faster. Autonomous Soft, in contrast, likely sacrifices handling/speed in favour of smoothness.

Responsive i-Cockpit


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The Responsive i-Cockpit incorporates a futuristic feel. It “switches from being a focused driving environment to a comfortable lounge space”, the manufacturer explained. On this basis, the steering wheel, toggle switch panel and throttle retract when the vehicle operates autonomously to make more room for the passengers.

Further cabin features include the:

  • 9.7” colour screen in the centre of the dashboard,
  • highly adjustable seats,
  • smooth floor.


The Samsung ARTIK Cloud enables the car to connect to external devices such as smartphones and smart watches. Peugeot explained that a connection might confirm that a motorist has just left the gym following a workout. The car could, therefore, switch to Autonomous Soft to make the cruise home as comfortable as possible.

Furthermore, diary synchronisation enables the car to monitor appointment times relative to journey times. It might, therefore, note that traffic – or poor weather – is likely to extend a journey. It then sends a message to the device recommending early departure. Its conclusions come via the sat-nav and live road data.

Exterior styling

The PEUGEOT INSTINCT Concept exterior looks space age. This “shooting brake” (estate) has: a muscular low stance, 4 passenger doors, large alloys, LED headlamps and a mixture of flowing lines and sharp creases. The radiator grille and rear are particularly striking. The overall look is futuristic, sporty, and clean.


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Power source

The INSTINCT is a plug-in, hybrid, electric vehicle that produces 300bhp. It is, therefore, powered by a petrol engine and electric motor. The battery for the latter is charged on the move, or via a socket. The car emits no pollution when only the motor is required. 

Peugeot praises its new, futuristic, concept 

Matthias Hossann, Head of PEUGEOT Concept Cars said: “With the PEUGEOT INSTINCT Concept and its Responsive i-Cockpit, we are building on the factors that have made the brand’s latest models so successful.”

“We are creating new forms of driving pleasure. These may come from the interfaces, the architecture or the styling. There is no reason why a self-driving car should be dull to look at or to experience.”