posted 7 years ago

Plug-In Charging Points To Be Mapped

The locations of UK charging points for plug-in vehicles are to be mapped.

The locations of UK charging points for plug-in vehicles are to be mapped, the government has announced. The National Chargepoint Registry will be developed by POD Point – a UK chargepoint manufacturer – to make life easier for electric vehicle users. The Central Whitelist System will be created alongside to enable motorists to charge their vehicles at different locations, without having to sign-up to different schemes.

Norman Baker, a UK Transport Minister, explained: “This Registry will get us away from the mind-set of; will I, won’t I get there? And I’m sure that public and private chargepoint owners alike will get behind the initiative because the more information we have up there the more motorists will be encouraged to make the switch to electric.”

Mr Baker continued: “The Central Whitelist offers charging scheme operators a really straightforward way to share membership card details. It will enable their members to access chargepoints outside their ‘home’ charging scheme. This freedom to roam between charging schemes is a very important step forward for the plug-in vehicle market.”

It is tricky to predict how popular plug-in cars will be in the future. After all, electric vehicles tend to be extremely expensive and have a very limited range. Perhaps that will change soon. However, one thing is certain. Without the infrastructure and the government's forthcoming initiatives, motor manufacturers will struggle to sell plug-in cars to the masses.