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Police get tough with ‘lane hogging’ and ‘tailgating’

5,000 drivers stopped for ‘careless driving’

Reports show that more than five thousand drivers have been stopped under new careless driving laws since August last year. Figures show that 1454 people have been issued with on the spot fines for careless driving which includes lane hogging and tailgating and that is in Scotland alone. 

It was announced from July 2013 that the police will be able to issue £100 fines and three points for careless driving offences that would currently have to go to court, and now if you are a middle lane hogger or a motorway tailgater you are in the line of fire. It seems that the Thames Valley police are the biggest issuer of fines for lane hogging. Many areas won’t provide specific information on exactly why drivers have been stopped but out of those that did Thames Valley issued the most fines. For lane hogging they have prosecuted forty eight drivers for this offence since August last year, this compares with eighty four undertaking offences and forty six tailgater's.

Some forces reportedly aren't using the new powers to fine drivers for careless driving, but using re-education as a means of dealing with offenders, most likely by sending them on courses. However, five forces; Northumbria, Durham, Dyfed-Powys, South Wales and Cleveland are not stopping inconsiderate drivers at all, as it is thought they don’t have the facilities to offer these courses.

Are you a middle lane hogger? A lot of motorists are completely unaware that they are, it is not until the car behind flashes or starts to drive too closely that awareness sets in. But it is a pet hate of many a motorway driver when stuck behind the middle lane hogger and perhaps it is time to shake everyone up a bit and make motorway drivers safer but how guilty drivers will be targeted will probably be quite a task. Do you know anyone who has been stopped by the police for this new offence? Perhaps you have been stopped yourself? If reports show that not all police forces are using their new powers then is it unfair that only certain areas are stopping inconsiderate and careless drivers. The Institute of Advanced Motorists’ Neil Greig said “we had doubts about whether it would become a numbers game, but the figures suggest the power’s being used in the right way.”

When the new ‘careless driving’ law was announced the AA president Edmund King said responsible drivers would welcome the changes "we are pleased to see that at long last new powers and fines will be given to the police to tackle the top three pet hates of drivers; tailgater's, mobile phone abusers and middle lane hogs.” RAC Foundation director Professor Stephen Glaister is in agreement "anti-social behaviour is as big a problem on the roads as it is in wider society. Giving police more discretion to act, and freeing up resources to allow them to do so by cutting procedural delays in court, is good news.”

Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, national roads policing lead at the Association of Chief Police Officers, said  “officers have found the new procedures helpful as they seek to raise standards of driving and keep road users safe.” 


Brian: the reason for the small speed difference is their speed limiters: they are set up to within a tolerance level that means that one can be marginally faster than another, meaning that the latter will slowly catch up with the former. You feel frustrated sitting behind a lorry, so how do you fell the lorry driver [of the slightly faster lorry] feels? If there is nearly a pile up when the lorry pulls out to overtake, then (a) the traffic was not driving with full attention and consideration [as it would see the lorry catching up and prepare itself for the lorry to overtake], and (b) the speed limiter is supposed to be there for safety reasons (the authorities can't trust professional drivers not to speed, but does trust the amateurs in their cars, even though they mostly all do speed), but if it is a potential cause of danger then it is not doing its job (in fact it is doing the exact opposite of creating danger) and legislation should be passed to have the requirement of their fitting repealed - I hope you will get on board with this latter?

Barrie Driscoll - I agree wholeheartedly with you about overtaking lories at almost zero speed differential.The number of times I have witnessed a near multiple pile-up when a lorry pulls out to overtake another, usually unexpectedly because their speed differential is so small. The line of middle lane hoggers, who have become almost comatose because of their steady middle lane driving for many, many miles suddenly wake up and either brake very heavily causing chaos behind them or swerve into the third lane causing chaos to the faster moving traffic in that lane The lorries shouldn't do it but at the moment it is not illegal. Again, the real problem is the middle lane hoggers.

What is the answer to those situations where a 2-lane dual carriageway has an unbroken line of traffic doing about 50mph in the overtaking lane with nothing (except me, undertaking) in Lane 1? The reason I would be doing this is because I use Lane 1, then when I catch up this queue in Lane 2, why should I join it? I just carry on. People don't like that but I don't believe that I am breaking the law. A typical example in the A31 in Dorset/Hampshire every day of the week!

Stephen Dodge: He doth protest too much. Happy to receive the postcard from your trip to Swansea.

bill clayton - who on earth taught you that "after all the third lane is supposed to be the overtaking lane"?. And have you never read the Highway Code? Lanes two and three are BOTH overtaking lanes. Lane one is the ONLY driving lane. It is not 'heavy traffic' that we are talking about. Lane hoggers sit in the middle lane when there is no traffic in the left lane. i.e. they are not overtaking anybody. There is a simple rule - if I could undertake you in the left most lane while you are in the middle lane then you are in the wrong lane. Simples! as someone earlier said.

Barrie Driscoll, I didn't say I don't move over, I believe myself to be considerate of others, the question I asked was, how did you find out about the new law?

I am sure that most responsible drivers would already have been awareof the need to 'move across' on roads and dual carriageways. Using excuses such as "I don't read newspapers etc" are just ridiculous! However, one of the most amazing things to witness, and as a driver that has to cover c 800-900 miles a working week, is to see so many lorry drivers who drive at almost the same speed, side by side, for miles, with the one in the outside lane crawling past the othe rlorry in the inside lane. If this inside lane vehicle was a large slow moving, say below 50 mph vehicle then it could be understandable. However, often it is with two lorries almost matching each other's speeds at c 60mph. This is infuriating, and nothing seems to be done to move these selfish drivers from considering the effect that it has on vehicles that line up behind them for such a vast distance. Now then, where is the law on this? How many drivers feel the ssame way that I do regarding this?

David R, Motorists have always been used as a milking machine by the police. Some police are fair others not. What I object to is the lack of did you find out being a Centre Lane Only Driver (CLOD)was an offence? I heard from a friend but have not heard it on radio or TV (don't read papers)and the other thing is, it is not uniform across the country, I've never seen anyone on the M2 or M20 being pulled for being a CLOD while other areas are enforcing it. PS.. sorry,missed out a word,can't edit text after the go button! :-}

David R, Motorists have always been used as a milking by the police. Some police are fair others not. What I object to is the lack of did you find out being a Centre Lane Only Driver (CLOD)was an offence? I heard from a friend but have not heard it on radio or TV (don't read papers)and the other thing is, it is not uniform across the country, I've never seen anyone on the M2 or M20 being pulled for being a CLOD while other areas are enforcing it.

I spend hours on the roads for work, and the main people that lane hog. You should always keep to lane one if there is a vehicle in front that's slower then you you will have room to move, so if you had someone overtaking you in lane two they would have room to go into lane 3. And no lane 3 is not the over taking lanes, 2 and 3 are overtaking lanes. Keep LEFT It's simple.

sticking in the first in heavy traffic isnt any good. having to weave in and out of traffic to pass slow waggons and dawdlers can cause more accidents than "hogging" the middle makes sense to keep to the middle lane during heavy traffic after all the third lane is supposed to be the overtaking lane,

Yet more revenues frm the easy target of the motorist. Its getting disgusting the way police are targeting the mitorist to raise revenues and meet targets for theyre stations.

i am a courier driver who's van is limited to 70 mph and as such i have a severe problem with lane hoggers and ignorant speeders on the motorways. i try to be considerate to others but some times you just have to borrow some of the road and give it back after you have passed a slower vehicle doesn't matter if the vehicle coming up behind is hitting 90 or not. Oh and to the hgv driver who has the camera for folk who cut in when traffic stopping i had that when i was driving a double decker in edinburgh an i just ran straight up his ass and was ruled blameless as i did have a forward facing camera on the bus.

as a hgv driver it is so frustrating behind a middle lane hogger if I flash my lights or blast my horn I am being aggressive and bullying if I pass in lane one I am fined if I pass in lane three I am fined yet nothing is done to the lane hogger.the best thing in my lorry now is my dashboard camera so beware all you smart asses who think its fun to cut lorry drivers up at junctions when the traffic is stopping if I rearend anyone the evidence is caught on film no contest in a court of law

Safe Motorway driving is a skill. I'm astonished at how people can feel comfortable either sitting in the middle lane when the inside lane is empty, or sitting inches off my tail. I slow down for tailgaters!!! I drive a powerful car and yet people still sit on my tail even though there is no opportunity to overtake. And what happened to indicating your intentions before you move? Mirror, Indicate (min 4 times before moving), Manoeuvre. I believe many motorway accidents happen due to the ignorant drivers who don't indicate to pull out whilst another driver is pulling into the middle lane from lane 3/4.

How will they police this? Have they got a camera for it yet? My wife just got three pouts for 36 in a 30 limit…100 yards into the 30 zone from a national speed limit! To say that the police are not my number one admired emergency service is an understatement! i often COULD be construed as tailgating as if I leave a reasonable gap behind the car in front someone zooms up the inside lane and cuts int my gap. I get quite cross at this.

I wish some would use their indicators.Some do not know what the stick-out bits on their steering columns are for. They must think they are for decoration...USE THEM! Let others know what you are going to do.

nobody has addressed this problem, which is quite commen whilst driving on a 3 lane highway. i try to drive in lane 1 whenever possible whilst also maintaining a steady 60/65 mph speed. oftern the drivers in lane 1 are doing a much lower speed, then trying to overtake into the 2nd lane, drivers in lane 2 will often not let you enter, when you do manage to change you are suddenly very close to the driver ion front-is that considered tailgating? Ditto when trying to get into lane 3! I think we should introduce a minimum speed on motorways for all 3 lanes as is custom in Europe. Also it would be nice if our drivers were more courteous to other drivers trying to change lanes and not be so selfish-"I'm alrightjack-sod you I'm staying here" Also often lane 1 is full of slow moving cars and hopping in and out to overtake them is frustrating when you cannot get back out again-hence drivers stay in the middle lane when there is a lot of slower moving traffic in lane 1. Is that considered middle lane hogging? I think it is only hogging the middle lane if and when lane 1 is empty or hardly any cars in there and you stubbornly stay in lane 2 without moving over when you notice a faster car approching.

Let's be careful... too many aggressive motorists cut in front of a car in its stopping distance or expect a car to pull left when it's only 5 m or so passed a car. Its about 100m at motorway speeds so chill out and judge others less. Does the person angry with a middle lane hogger have the same anger for a car traveling at 80 or 90 mph?

Just as we drivers get rusty on certain ways of driving,like crossing hands on the wheel,we can also be rusty on what is taught to enable us to drive properly with care and consideration for other road users.I there respectfully suggest a driver refresher course every ten years with the inclusion of a medical for ALL drivers,not just proffesional drivers. At least then we know that everyone is treated the same and also continues to be courteous to other road users and use the safety of traffic lanes to everyone's advantage. Not in the least all Drivers and insurance companies can keep a grip on fraud because without a passed medical certificate there would be NO insurance certificate.After all,you cannot get a valid insurance certificate without a valid mot for a vehicle so why not have a valid medical certificate which would have the same purpose. Henceforth it would make it easier for the Police and other authorities to have a database of all insured drivers making it easier than it is today to make the checks.Also the insurance companies should NOT be allowed to have extra drivers included on the policies because everyone would have to show a valid medical certificate before insurance was issued especially if the applicant had to show more than one proof for identity purposes.

Paul B you are exactly right when you say, "it is fear of getting boxed in by them if you pull in a lane that is the prime cause of most lane hogging". The drivers who hog the middles lane are fearful because they are poor drivers. They do not have the confidence to be able to drive where they may, 'get boxed' in. Such drivers either need retraining or to keep off multi lane roads. It is no excuse to hog the middle lane because you are 'fearful' of driving in the correct lane.

While I don't condone undertaking, I have found myself in the situation where I am approaching a middle lane hogger stuck in lane 2 doing 69.9 mph and I am in lane 1. I been left with the option to cross two lanes to get to lane 3 in order to overake said car and to pull all the way back into lane 1, or, as sometimes is the case, move up the inside quickly in lane 1. As others have said here, and I think the Police will agree, that the safer approach is not to make that many lane changes in order to pass the idiot in the second lane. Just be prepared to dive on to the hard shoulder (have an escape route planned) should the numpty hogger suddenly have a light bulb moment and decide to pull in to lane 1 without looking! And Brian Cox, I agree with everything you have said.

As an ex coach driver having stayed behind a Volvo doing 55mph in the centre lane with no other vehicle on the inside for 12 miles I applaud this fine as it will surely eventually get the message across that the inside lane (on a three lane motorway) is for driving in whilst the others are for overtaking but common sense has to be applied so that you are not changing lanes when the next vehicle you are likely to overtake is only a few hundred yards away. Also, when I mentioned this incident to the police at that time (10years ago) they said it was not illegal to undertake providing you made the driver of the vehicle in front that you were likely to do so and not carry out the undertake in a dangerous manner. However, he did say that should a collision or accident occur due to the vehicle on the outside pulling in and hitting your vehicle it is very likely that you will be blemed for the incident. Perhaps someone could come up with the correct answer as most drivers are uncertain on this?

I am not a middle lane hugger and detest those that continuously stay in the middle lane with no left lane users near, let alone anywhere in sight - very selfish and disruptive for other users travelling faster than them (possibly on cruise-control to maintain a steady, acceptable speed). None the less, move over! But as a courteous motorway user, I find at times many of the left lanes are deteriorated with broken asphalt (potholes). Also, lane changes would be less of an annoyance if the raised lane reflectors were further apart to allow manoeuvring between them instead of striking the bumps causing unnecessary car suspension/tyre wear & tear. These are some issues that need addressing that "may" be part of the solution.

I agree with the clod and tailgating problems,the comments about problems with on and off slips is twofold; people joining have the length of the on slip to match the speed of the driving/fast lane drivers(nearest hard shoulder) to allow them to join into a space but most ignore the give way line and think they have a right to force their way in causing the driver in the left lane to either brake hard or make a bid for another lane to their right themselves. The other problem already mentioned by others is that if looking ahead you see huge amounts of traffic moving from the on slip to the fast/1st lane, shift lanes before you get to the problem. "Glasshopper, when punch come, not be there"!!

In my experience there are generally two kinds of middle lane hoggers. There is the nervous driver who never changes lanes unless they have to. They join the motorway and soon come up against a line of slow moving trucks and so are forced to move into the middle lane against their better judgement. And there they stay until it is time to turn off when they usually swerve from the middle lane onto the slip road because they have been too nervous to move over to the left hand lane in enough time. The second is the lazy, arogant, regular motorway driver who can't be bothered with all this lane changing. This one moves straight into the middle lane as soon as they join the motorway and they stay there because it is the easy option. Like the former, they usually swerve off the middle lane straight on to the slip road because they had become almost comatose at the easy, steady, unchalanging driving in the middle lane and almost missed their turn off.

Brian Cox states ' What vehicles are behind you has got nothing to do with it.' - but surely it is fear of getting boxed in by them if you pull in a lane that is the prime cause of most lane hogging.

David Emeny - the inside lane is only a 'dangerous option' as you put it if you are a poor driver who is unaware of other road users. You can drive quite safely past a slip road joining a motorway and adjust your speed to allow those with 'poor joining technique' to merge. Being a poor driver and hence being frightened of driver's joining from a slip road is not an excuse to drive in the middle lane.

Yes lane hogging is a problem but tailgating is a much worse problem. So often when overtaking at 70mph, I see someone gaining on me rapidly from behind get much too close. Not only is it dangerous, it's also a highly aggressive form of threatening behaviour. Worst of all, there is nothing (legal) that you can do about it. I'm careful not to annoy or obstruct any other driver but I owe them no duty to enable their preference for driving illegally fast.

A motorway is deemed to be a fast road, the left lane nearest the hard shoulder is the fast lane.... all other lanes are overtaking lanes (I passed my test with this answer so I know it's right!) If you're not in the act of passing another slower vehicle ...MOVE TO YOUR LEFT! if it is safe to do so. The police call lane hoggers clods... Centre Lane Only Drivers. To answer another point;- the minimum speed of a vehicle on a motorway is 40 mph unless instructed or obstructed otherwise. When there are more than 3 lanes I think HGV's and bus/coaches should be banned from them to allow light vehicles and bikes to flow unobstructed. Also, when traveling in lanes on a motorway you are deemed to be in a queue, if the queue/lane you are in is moving faster than the queue/clod to your right, you are permitted to continue which is effectively overtaking on the left,which is perfectly legal PROVIDED you don't change lanes to achieve this action. The M2 near me is 4 lanes and frequently has a clod at 55-60 the the 3rd lane, I don't like passing on the left because the clod may suddenly veer into you if not using mirrors. I agree that drivers need to be educated to look ahead more. I believe we would have safer roads if speed limits were staggered, eg; bikes 100, cars 80-90? coaches 70 mph etc.. The most dangerous time is when there is bunching, and a release from a speed limit (road works) a whole bunch of vehicles are now picking up speed too close together, one poor judgement, blow out or the like and there's a pile up, with staggered speeds the cars and bikes would break away faster and disperse the bunch, allowing the others to spread out. We should be thinking of increasing our British limits, okay, people may go nuts for a couple of weeks like when Germany opened up the autobahns but when they realise how much it costs...most will settle for something alot less, remove road tax from the window, reduce fuel duty and add the road tax to the fuel..... heavy right foot/vehicle, more ware and tear on the road pays more than light vehicle/ economically driven, less fuel= less tax. plus tourists and continental HGV's would be paying then, give our commercials the ability to claim back a percentage just as they do with VAT making our road fleets competitive/cheaper than foreign competition. avoiding paying road tax, no employing anti-fraud expensive printing and distribution of licenses, no paying post office staff etc... But, that's a different discussion!

Example of driving on M5 nr Clevedon heading South fri 21/03/14,5 vehicles in middle lane doing approx. 50 MPH im in inside lane doing 56 MPH and I have to do same or will be undertaking them then the leading vehicle after 10 mins gets over,that is why we end up with accidents

I agree completely with these police powers and wish that they were more widely used, I would even suggest that the fine for poor lane discipline should be even greater. Perhaps this would serve to educate those drivers who are unaware of what is going on around them and cause serious congestion. The guidance is simple: if there is room in a lane to your left then you are in the wrong lane and should move to the furthest lane to your left that is free. Simples, as Alexander would say! Nobody is saying that you should muscle your way into a line of HGVs to your left causing one of them to brake, that situation is one where the lane to your left is not free and you should remain where you are. Those who find looking/thinking far enough ahead to avoid the increased traffic where slip roads join should consider getting tuition to improve their driving and observational skills. How many of those of you that have an aversion to the left hand lane regularly look as far ahead as is visible to watch for brake lights and traffic patterns? The rules are simple, there really are no slow, fast, overtaking lanes, you should always drive in the furthest left lane that is free. If you are the only vehicle on the road then you should be in the furthest left lane, regardless of what speed you are doing. I use the southern end of the M1 regularly and outside of the rush hours, when all lanes are full anyway, I regularly see lines of traffic in the right hand lane when the middle and left hand lanes are empty, all because one HGV is overtaking another, (probably more heavily laden), HGV a mile ahead. I would even go so far as to suggest that those convicted of lane hogging, in addition to the increased fine I suggested above, should be banned from motorways until they have been re-educated! This would serve to increase traffic flow and make the road transport of goods more efficient and far less frustrating for the poor HGV drivers who have to suffer the inconsideration of these imbeciles every day! I add that I am not a HGV driver but I completely understand the feelings of that group of drivers on this subject.

Laurence Kid - to answer your question, "Why should any motorist be forced to drive at 30/40 mph sandwiched between two heavies because someone else wants to travel at 80 mph in the middle lane?" - because that is the law. You don't have to travel ay 30/40. You overtake until the left hand lane is clear and then move back. We all have to follow the same 'rules of the road' for safety and to minimise congestion. If we all 'did our own thing' there would be chaos and it is largely because more and more people don't follow the rules and choose to drive however and wherever they like that our roads are so congested nowadays.

Martin Goodwin- it really doesn't matter what the car or cars in front are doing. You won't find anywhere in the highway code where it says "do what the car in front is doing". Just because the car in front is hogging the middle lane does not mean that you should.

Martin Goodwin - I am sorry but you are most definitely lane hogging. The highway code says quite clearly that you should drive well over to the left. Also that the left hand lane of any road is the only driving lane. If the left hand lane is empty and so you are not overtaking then you are in the wrong lane and hence are needlessly HOGGING that lane. What vehicles are behind you has got nothing to do with it. You won't find any mention in the highway code about traffic behind you.

Surely you are not lane hogging if: you are follwing another vehicle or are not impeding any vehicle behind.

It would help for the long term future if learner drivers were taught that on a three lane dual carriageway the lane on the left is the driving lane and the two lanes to the right of that one are the first and second overtaking lanes. any other description is either inadequate,confusing or both.

These Laws, are 100% correct and I fully agree with every one of them. I am a HGV driver with 40 years experience... and I would like to say I have seen it all; But alas... I see and learn something new every day. Believe me when I say that some drivers should never be allowed behind the wheel, let alone on the public highway? I have a vantage point in being high-up in my cab and can see down into most cars and vans that overtake me on motorways! I see between 8 - 12 drivers using or texting on mobile phones every night on my travels...??? There are also as many truck drivers who are guilty of Tail-Gating as there are car drivers! Then there are the Middle-Lane-Hoggers "oh my life" This seems to be getting a very popular pass time for drivers just lately. Finally... another new game that I have witnessed many times over the last 12 months or so is; car and light van drivers, who insist on driving from one end of the motorway to the other... in the Third Lane. This trick is practiced more so in the dead of night, when the motorways are very quite and traffic is light.??? If stopped for this Driving Offence... Yes Offence? They will plead ignorance. Ignorance is no excuse to a Police Patrol Officer... when it clearly states in the highway code that; Lane 3 is for Overtaking Only...!!! To back this rule up, it also states in the highway code that you should keep well over to the left... Except When Overtaking...!!!

Lane discipline is basically very poor in the UK. So few drivers use the 'inside lane' even when it is vacant. The centre lane is the 'fast lane' and the outside lane is for overtaking according the rule. Our motorways are busy and it's not always possible to follow the lane rules but lane discipline needs to be observed.

My first comment regards hogging the middle lane is that I've not seen how it is defined! At busy times with the inside lane full of very slow moving heavy lorries why should a motorist be made to join them? I agree that travelling significantly slower than the National Speed in the middle lane is inconsiderate but I was always lead to believe that the NSL was a maximum and not a minimum!!Why should any motorist be forced to drive at 30/40 mph sandwiched between two heavies because someone else wants to travel at 80 mph in the middle lane?

Surely they should be concetrating on mobile phone use and speeding. As too the middle lane; the problem is overtaking passing a slip road and poor joining technique making the inside lane a dangerous option

What hasn't been mentioned is aggressive speeders(up to 100mph) that traps middle lane traffic causing buildup and frustration.

They need to get even tougher, otherwise we will soon find the 3rd world chaos on our roads. I have personally experienced on some of the Yorkshire roads.

any attempt by the police to make driving safer should be welcomed. I was taught that you should drive allowing 1 yard for each MPH you are driving eg 70mph=70yds behind the car in front.

You can argue all you like for sitting in the middle lane, be it busy lane 1 or that you are doing the speed limit, but the bottom line is that it's selfish, causes congestion and leads to frustration for those other motorists who perhaps want to take advantage of the 10% margin on their indicated speed. Whatever, those who make an excuse and feel comfortable sitting in the middle lane when lane 1 is a bit busy and requires a bit of effort and minor speed changes to pull back in to, are the same people who will be sitting in the middle lane when the motorway isn't congested, doing 70 moh and hour and won't move over for anything coming up behind them because, after all, they are comfortable there. It's about time these selfish motorists got booked!

The thing that the police and traffic enforcement officers are doing wrong in the UK are issuing points for silly things, i don't have any points myself as i'm a careful driver but having lived abroad opens your eyes to the way other countries run there traffic laws and systems and it puts UK to shame. What the government and police are doing wrong here is putting more people on the road with no licence. Points should only be issued in continued offences but more on the spot fines should be issued starting at £40 and increasing for 2nd offences, points should then be issued for third offences and all the money should be put back in the roads and not the governments pockets.

I agree about fining tailgaters but fining someone for being in the middle lane for "too" long could be deemed contentious. There could be a whole string of slow moving vehicles in the inside lane and finding a large and safe enough space to pull back in can be tricky sometimes.

Tailgating is the real danger here, not lane hogging. Lane hogging doesn't cause accidents, it's those drivers who are reckless and speeding that end up tailgating that cause accidents especially those who have got a clue of how to overtake, when and how to use an indicator then overtake if safe to do so, not just pull out because you've just put your indicator on. And on today's roads, moving back to the so called driving lane is outdated when you consider how busy most multi lane roads are during the day. If there are a load of slow moving cars in the driving lane and the rest of the road is clear and you want to stick to the speed limit then I see no issue with sitting in the middle lane. I am comfortable and so are the people who are driving at a much slower pace in the driving lane than those driving in the middle lane. If it's a two lane, then yes more people need to move over as they can be driving too slow, but why are they driving too slow. Too much traffic is the normal cause. So if a motorway or dual carriage way has too much traffic, then moving over will just cause more accidents due to people not wanting to let you move in, the fact that most people tale gate, seeing as they don't know how far away they need to be at speed. Then we have those who don't have a frigging clue on how to exit or enter a motorway/duel carriageway. Jumping multiple lanes at speed to exit or come straight off the acceleration lane either too fast or too slow and just expect to enter without greeting other drivers at the required speed. And if everyone is sitting in the driving lane during really busy times due to this stupid new rule, we'll have a very long tailback because people will be scared of sitting in the middle or right lanes for fear of being pulled over. As for lorry drivers, sorry, but your fuel saving slipstreaming days are over. No more sitting up your lorry in fronts backside as you'll need to be 5 lorry lengths at best behind the guy in front when driving at 50 due to laws of physics and braking distances. Remember, you're not driving a family car but a 50 ton or heavier lorry, but most seem to forget that when driving. There are so many things great about the Highway Code, but there are so many bad things too and the powers that be are so behind the times it's a joke, when you consider the amount of vehicles on the road and severe lack of modernisation of our road infrastructure.

The police do naff all on the a13 london to essex to lane hoggers, there more interested in tax than these idiots who cause all the carnage, theres no such thing as fast lanes, cruising lanes etc for all the idiots that think they know best, overtake and get back in the correct lane safely, if you cant do that or you dont know why your being a complete idiot,, well re take your test and learn again, better still, read malcoms comment above, Well said matie

Situation : Vehicle 'hoging' an overtaking lane preventing another vehicle from overtaking.The driver who wishes to overtake becomes frustrated and begins to 'tailgate' the 'hogger'. Question : A Do the Police stop and fine the 'hogger' ? B Do the Police stop and fine the 'tailgater' ? C Do the Police stop and fine both drivers ???