posted 6 years ago

Police launch morning drink drive checks

Police have launched a summer anti drink drive campaign warning drivers they face checks in the morning as well as at night time

Police have launched a summer anti drink drive campaign warning drivers they face checks in the morning as well as at night time.

The campaign which also ran last summer in the month of June resulted in 88,629 people being stopped and breath tested and 6.1% tested positive or refused the test.

Deputy Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, Acpo's drink and drug-driving head said "in 2010, 250 people were killed in drink-drive accidents on the country's roads. A further 9,700 were injured through incidents in which someone involved had been drinking and was over the legal limit. The message is clear, there is no excuse for driving under the influence, even if you think it's a short drive. Not only are you risking your own life but the lives of your passengers as well as other innocent motorist or pedestrians.”

President of the AA Edmund King welcomed the campaign. He said "the campaign means that there will be more police looking for offending drivers. It also means that the police will be well aware that drink-driving happens away from the traditional pub-based times because of jubilee and soccer Euro 2012 barbecues and parties. So they will be looking for drink and drug-drivers all day. The police will breathalyse all drivers after any accident they attend and will be targeting places where drink-drivers are likely to drive. Motorists need to remember the basic rule: if you drink, don't drive; if you drive, don't drink."


Why does the police or anybody else consult President of the AA Edmund King on motoring crime? A man who backed the speed camera campaign of the Labour government in its attack on motorists, and who in my view does absolutely nothing to support the motorist in general. He should should support the victims of car crime, and prompt the police to find more car thieves, instead of sulking round the back of pubs looking for a soft target. Edmund King should be looking after the interests of his members and not getting political, and anything other than his members breakdown should not be his concern.

It would be much more effective if the news reported accidents and indicated whether alcohol was a factor. That would bring any problem with alcohol related accidents right into the public eye.

We apparently have the safest roads in Europe . We are suffering cuts and cost reductions everywhere. We have a police service with an appalling record on crime solving like burglary etc. The forces like to blame this on lack of manpower. Can we be told how much this campaign is costing. And where is the money coming from. What is suffering in terms of other crime solving as a result. And finally , can they confirm they will also be apprehending people who are driving with a heavy cold or who have taken hay fever tablets for example, or just didn't get their full 8 hours sleep the night before. For gods sake get some real policing done will you

Still not low enough, any time of day breath tests is good. Easy not to be nicked, if you drink don't drive !