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Police Seize Uninsured Lamborghini, McLaren & Bentley

Uninsured Drivers Targeted By Operation Cubo In London

A Lamborghini, McLaren and Bentley have been seized by the police as part of a crackdown on uninsured drivers in London, the Daily Mail has reported. These prestigious machines have been taken off the road courtesy of Operation Cubo. This required police officers to set-up checkpoints then intercept any passing offenders. Notable scalps have included a Bentley Continental GTC with a six-litre engine, and a customised Lamborghini Aventador worth four-hundred thousand pounds. A Lamborghini Gallardo, Lamborghini Spyder and Porsche Boxster have been taken too. The police have also claimed a crane worth one million pounds. These helped bring the total number of vehicles seized – most of which were less prestigious – to one-hundred thousand. Significantly, some of the uninsured motorists have been involved with a wider  range of crime, so seizing their vehicles should have limited their ability to offend.

Police Commander Discusses Success Of  Operation Cubo

Metropolitan Police Commander, Stephen Watson, said: “Operation Cubo is strong, visible action that demonstrates commitment and determination to serving the public and making London’s streets safer. We have achieved significant results through large scale seizures of uninsured and un-roadworthy vehicles while, in addition, making numerous arrests of suspects wanted in connection to a variety of offences. We are targeting criminals by denying them the use of the roads so it’s much harder for them to commit crime.” Mr Watson added: We have arrested robbers, burglars and rapists as a result of Operation Cubo and will continue to arrest these people as they attempt to travel.” 

Uninsured Cars Crushed And Sold By Police

A motorist that has a vehicle seized - then fails to claim it in time – could lose it completely as the police have the authority to crush it. It will then be recycled. This is most likely to happen to elderly and/or low value cars. More prestigious vehicles, in contrast, tend to sold at auction. As such, Operation Cubo has raised more than five million pounds since its inception in October 2011. This money has been, or will be,  ploughed into policing. One of the most notable cars sold at auction was an orange Lamborghini Aventador that raised £218,000. In addition to having a car seized, an uninsured driver is likely to receive a fine plus penalty points on his/her licence. The latter could raise the cost of motor insurance and make it far harder to find employment.


FAO Paul Jenkins, your comment I don't agree that the Police should stop targeting motorists and 'catch Jimmy Savile's' because there are far more motorists breaking the law and often endangering lives than there are Jimmy Savile's... Are you a public schoolboy too? WHERE DO YOU THINK POLICE RESOURCES OUGHT TO BE PRIORITISED? (Source – ROSPA 2012) Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain. Killed 1,754; Seriously Injured 23,039; Slightly Injured 170,930; Total 195,723. OR.... (Source – NSPCC 2012) 50,500 children in at risk every minute. 29,837 Registered Sex Offenders for sexual offences against children. 23,000 Sex offences recorded against children. 75,000 Estimated unrecorded sex offences against children. 50,573 Children on child protection registers. 2,400,000 Children severely maltreated. So you want more Traffic Police driving around in tens of millions of pounds worth of very expensive motor cars, your tax money, pointing their weapons of social destruction “speed guns” at you, taking away your livelihoods, your morality and destroying your family life with hideous motoring offence penalties???

Where do get to purchase these cars ... which teh police impound ...

And what a stupid comment saying that most criminals drive these sort off prestige cars, i personaly drive 3 prestige cars and dont and never will involve myself on criminal activities, the only reason why the police seize cars is because as the add said 5 million pounds has been profited doing this, who are the real criminals now? The police if you ask me "

The biggest crime is the paint job on that Lamborghini

I agree, I think it's crazy that these people drive such expensive cars but don't bother to pay the insurance, which would only be a fraction of the vehicle's cost, even on these cars. I don't agree that the Police should stop targeting motorists and 'catch Jimmy Savile's' because there are far more motorists breaking the law and often endangering lives than there are Jimmy Savile's... Also, as the article suggests, a lot of these people who can afford expensive cars like these, don't do it from hard graft, they do so from the profits of criminal activities. Hardly commendable!

Brilliant to get uninsured cars OFF THE ROAD but they aren't satisfied with that. The government, having said that "continuous insurance" would not be applied, then sneaked it in unannounced - did anyione see it or get consulted? - so as a private individual you can't sell your old car after purchase of a replacement by keeping it taxed and tested off the road: this is a di9sgraceful act aimed at the less well off private motorist who can't afford two insurance policies. LETS DVLA FINE YOU TO ADD TO THEIR COFFERS! More sneeky tricks.....anyone for any more?

To all who say "the police should be out catching real criminals". uninsured vehicles are a dangerous menace and it is a serious crime with potentially ling tern consequences.

Usual easy target bullshit again, give the police something more tasking to do like catching some Jimmy Saville’s and they are useless. Every day we are seeing serious crime being brushed under the carpet, but no, let’s set up some cameras and hit the cash cows! Again and Again.

Over the years many cars belonging to wealthy foreigners have been impounded, and very rich owners don't even bother to go and retrieve them, so the plod must have a good side line there. Being filth rich these people can pay for any damages they may cause, but the point is that some may skip the country leaving their responsibility’s behind them, so wealthy people should be made to have insurance and road fund, paid on the dock side at the point when rich foreigners import their cars into England. What this exercise is doing is getting crooks and other money laundering scum off our streets.

John Holden is refering to RTA ( Road Traffic Act) insurance. Any-one can do this, not just large companies, but for individuals it does not make much sense. The law only requires minimum insurance under RTA, which is insurance against personal injury claims by 3rd parties as a result of a fault accident. This means that larger companies or organisations, including hire fleets, will find it cheaper over a large group of vehicles to insure for RTA only, and manage their own claims for 3rd party property. ie, they carry insurance if the 3rd party was put in a wheel chair, but settle repairing his Merc themselves. Any individual can insure just RTA, but its hard to find personal policies with just RTA, and interestingly, such policies when offered can be more than std comprehensive premiums - how-ever, its std practice with transport hauliers, bus companies, Govt agencies and the like to be only RTA insured and settle the rest directly themselves.

In some countries, it is not a legal requirement to have motor insurance. The drivers of vehicles are still liable in law for any damage or injury which they cause, and of course if an accident is their fault, it could bankrupt them if they are not insured. In UK, I understand that most individuals have to have motor insurance, however I also believe it is legal for individuals or organisations with vast resources at their disposal not to have motor insurance if they can show that they can underwrite their own losses. This applies to certain government departments too, I understand.

What idiots would drive such expensive vehicles on the road uninsured? Besides being illegal, the risk of having a serious accident, however remote, or theft is surely too great to contemplate?

Geoff Hill, I am with you there. Time to get tough. Andy Capp, unbelievable. did you read the article. The so called easy targets as you put it are often criminals who are into much more than skipping their insurance. And anyway, does not having insurance and being a soft target any excuse for not being done and slating the police for taking these idiots off the road? The only motorists getting in the neck if we took your approach would be those innocent people hit by uninsured drivers!

This is old news. The main offenders with the expensive cars are wealthy middle east nationals who spend summer in the UK and bring the cars with them.

When are we going to make driving without insurance a criminal offence not just a motoring one. The potential devastation caused by these people can mean financial ruin and can cause life changing injuries with often a slap on the wrist and as one writer says 'a thousand pounds and 6 points'. Who's with me on this?

Another EASY target for plod. motorists get it in the neck yet again. Wish the police would spend more time getting the propper criminals , rather than the easy prey, a small proportion of which will be genuine errors, when we have no tax disc for our payment , that will only get worse. headline is the posh motors, but still gettin the ordinary family too,just not in their headline ! easytarget.

People who cannot respect the law of the land are high headed. If they have so much to buy such an expensive gadget, they should have morals to get it insured to protect the common people on the road.

They dont need to insure those kind of motors, if they can be afforded then they should have self bonding insurance... Just like johny law!

They can afford to buy and run these supercars and paint them like fools but can't be bothered to insure them?? Im glad they are off the road

This is great news but why would you not reclaim your lambo? I think the fines should be proportional to the vehicle driven/insurance cost. Driving round in an uninsured £400,000 car is either an act of laziness or contempt rather than a lack of funds and deserves a stiff punishment! I don't think £1,000 and 6 points is going to do that.

About time too! Seems like a neat self-funding operation that can only do more good as it spreads.