posted 7 years ago

Porsche 911 Created From Nothing

Car Dealer Magazine has created a Porsche 911 from nothing.

Car Dealer Magazine has created a Porsche 911 from nothing. Now, there is no need to panic. This was not the result of witchcraft, no chickens were involved, and the letter of the law has been rigorously upheld. This mighty machine, in fact, emerged from a series of trades. In May 2010, the magazine was given a Volkswagen Golf Mk3 and an Audi A3. Their objective was to sell them for profit, then re-invest the money in other vehicles. Sounds simple – but it took fifteen months to earn the £9,900 required for the Porsche 911.

Numerous vehicles were traded along the way. One memorable machine was a Hyundai i10 Football Car that earned a pleasing £3,005 profit. Car Dealer Magazine also bought three Mazda MX5s – repaired two of them using parts from the third – then sold the lot for a £2,220 profit. These convertibles were traded in addition to the: Ford Fiesta, Mercedes- Benz CLK, Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, Volvo 940, Skoda Fabia, Renault Scenic, and Ford Ka. Eventually the combined profit was enough to purchase the Porsche 911. This will now be polished and tweaked then sold to raise money for BEN, an automotive industry charity.

Car Dealer Magazine Editor, James Baggott, said: “Buying and selling cars in between running a trade magazine has been interesting at times and tough – but we couldn’t have done it without some help along the way from some brilliant car manufacturers, car dealers and mechanics. We’re already planning what we’re going to do next. There’s a couple of ideas – but one person’s suggestion, a Bugatti for BEN, would not be quite so achievable!’