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Porsche 911's 50th Birthday Marked By Convoy

Silverstone Hosts Record Breaking Porsche 911 Convoy

The Porsche 911's 50th birthday has been marked by a record breaking convoy at the Silverstone Grand Prix Circuit. As such, 1,208 examples roared around the track which was far in excess of the manufacturer's original target of 911. What a way to set a new world record. The event – that raised money for the Hope for Tomorrow cancer charity – therefore incorporated virtually every road model plus race and rally cars. Furthermore, the celebration was witnessed by tens of thousands of people some of whom played a pivotal role in the company's history. These included Mark Porsche, the son of the 911's designer and great-grandson of the company's founder. He was joined by five-times Le Mans winner Derek Bell MBE, Richard Attwood who won the 1970 Le Mans 24 Hours event for Porsche, and John Fitzpatrick who won numerous titles in his illustrious career.

History Of The Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 – which was originally known as the 901 – made its début at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 1963. However, Peugeot claimed it had the right to three digit names with zeros in the middle so the sports car was re-badged for its launch in 1964. The Mk1 originally had a 2.0-litre 128bhp six-cylinder engine but more potent versions followed in 1969, 1971, and 1972. The G-Series Mk2 was launched in 1973 and was significantly safer thanks to its standard-fit three-point seat belts, head restraints, and crash absorbing bumpers. This era also saw the emergence of the Turbo. The 1988 Mk3 – which was known as the 964 – was a significant step forwards too. As such, 85% of its components were new and it was available with tiptronic auto transmission. The Mk4 993 then hit the roads in 1993. This was extremely reliable and the turbo version was the first to have a twin-turbo engine. The 996 Mk5 followed in 1997 and – unlike the older models - was cooled by water rather than air. It also had lower emissions and was far more aerodynamic than its predecessors. The 997 Mk6 from 2004 had a reworked chassis and clear oval headlights with separate indicators that paid homage to earlier models. That brings us to now. The Mk7 from 2011 has a wider track, larger wheels, and a more ergonomic cabin than its bedfellows. It looks more muscular too. Happy birthday.


Richard, I think that you are referring to the 356 model. SS

The early Porche were produced long before 1963 they looked like a large VW Beetle and had a split wind screen just like a Morris 1000 and had a 1500cc engine in the back, but I'm not sure what model number was assigned to them, the 911 morphed out of that particular model.

I'm Lucky enough to own 1!! Wot a car!!!!!! If you can afford it buy it something u'll never regreat!!! B.S

2nd to None in Sports Cars I first saw on Black and White T V the BBC news of The Monte Carlo Rally in the mid-sixty's and PORSHE 911 scrored 1st , 2nd , 3rd & 5th from memory ( correct me if I am wrong ) leaving the Mini Coopers etc in their snow tracks through the mountain stages. I was impressed with the Whitewash of the other makes ! Gope to drive one soon and even own one before long !