posted 4 years ago

Premier League upset: auto league table puts Liverpool on top

…and Sunderland in fifth place

The Premier League kicked off with a vengeance at the weekend – and has created a cheeky alternative league table to honour this annual milestone.

We wondered what the league table would look like if clubs were ranked not by their performance on the pitch – but by the car sales of their automotive sponsors.

The results were quite eye-opening.  Happily for Liverpool fans, who were pipped to the post for the number one spot by Manchester City last season, the club’s tie-up with Vauxhall puts their club top of the table.  Official figures show that Vauxhall has sold more than 160,000 new cars in the UK in 2014.


Chelsea come in at number two, with almost 96,000 new Audis sold this year, with Manchester City – backed by Nissan – ranked fourth and humble Sunderland, linked with a local Mercedes Benz dealership, basking in the glory of a fifth position. 


What of Manchester United? Louis van Gaal will no doubt be aiming for a better finishing position than this, but our auto table puts the club in at number eight – with 2,761 UK sales of Chevrolets confirmed to date in the UK.

Crowd photo by Jon Candy