posted 7 years ago

Premiership Star has Chevrolet Captiva Stolen

aul Scholes became a victim of the ‘frost jacking’ theft as the cold weather swept the country recently

Manchester United star Paul Scholes became a victim of the ‘frost jacking’ theft as the cold weather swept the country recently. Thieves pounced when the Manchester United midfielder left the engine running on his Chevrolet Captiva Estate to melt the ice when he went back indoors. Stolen vehicle recovery expert Tracker warns that leaving the car unattended on a frosty morning leaves it vulnerable to opportunistic thieves.

Tracker’s Police Relationships Manager, Stuart Chapman said “unfortunately this type of theft is all too common, with Mr.Scholes just one of a number of victims of ‘frost jacking’. Although it might be tempting to leave your car running to defrost windows and warm it up, this is a gift to a car criminal. We urge owners to use common sense, especially on cold morning, when thieves could be looking for an opportunity to steal a car from under your nose.

Chevrolet signed a £25 million deal with Manchester United back in July 2012. A number of players and staff received Chevrolets as part of the partnership agreement between the club and General Motors. Sir Alex took possession of a new Chevrolet Volt which is a fantastic green car.

Stuart Chapman added “this theft goes to show how anyone can be a victim of calculating car thieves. Our stolen vehicle intelligence shows that thieves look out for cars on frosty mornings, shopping around for the most popular makes and models, as temperatures start to drop. Modern cars use inbuilt security that makes it more difficult to steal them without the keys, so every year thieves exploit the cold snap to target car owners who take the risk on frosty mornings.”

It is has not been reported if Mr Scholes had a tracking system fitted to his car, but if you want to avoid the uncertainty of not knowing where your car is if it is stolen the Tracker stolen vehicle recovery system is the ultimate homing device. Thieves are unaware it is fitted to the car as there is no visible aerial and unlike other tracking systems the Tracker works even if the vehicle is hidden in a garage or taken abroad which means there is a greater chance of recovering your vehicle. It is very tempting to leave your car defrosting in the cold weather we have all done it one time or another, but really it is a gift to the typical car criminal who are always on the lookout for an opportunity to steal a car. This is due to the fact that modern cars are not easy to steal these days without a set of keys. A few simple precautions could prevent you falling into the same trap as Mr Scholes and the first one is not to leave your car unattended with the engine running and consider fitting a tracker system to help the police recover your car if it is stolen.