posted 3 years ago

Prius Killer? Meet The Ioniq

After a domestic unveiling in South Korea, Hyundai have introduced their next generation of Hybrid Vehicles.

Rag Jung, Head of Project Management Division at Hyundai Motor R&D Center said, “IONIQ embodies Hyundai Motor's new thinking and bold ambitions for the future. This world-class dedicated hybrid will be the starting point of our future mobility.”


The new IONIQ will be available featuring electric powertrains, plug-in hybrid powertrains and hybrid powertrains too with ride and handling as the core characteristics. Batteries will be placed low and forward to offer a low and planted centre of gravity.

The IONIQ will have a maximum output of 105PS from the engine and 47PS provided from the electric battery. Hyundai will also be boasting the world's highest thermal efficiency (40%) of any engine with their 1.6 Kappa GDi unit which was designed exclusively for the IONIQ project.

The IONIQ will be based on a platform built with specifically chosen materials, with a chassis of 53% Advanced High Strength Steel and lightweight Aluminium. There is a 45% weight saving made by casting non-structural bodywork (such as the hood, tailgate and suspension) from aluminium too and the Advanced High Strength Steel is used in areas most commonly required to withstand the force of a crash. The safety implications of this will really justify the innovative material choices made by Hyundai.

Hyundai's new eco-model is likely to go on sale in the UK in September 2016 in electric and hybrid variations, with the plug-in hybrid following on at a later date.