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Private Cars Cannot Be Sold With Road Tax From October 2014

Cars To Have Vehicle Excise Duty Removed Prior To Sale

Motorists that sell cars privately will not be entitled to offer the “unexpired tax” incentive from October 2014, the Automobile Association has revealed. Sellers will have to claim vehicle excise duty refunds for any remaining months from the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). Buyers will then have to pay road tax online, at post offices or via telephone before taking to the road. Why? Because the paper tax disc that has graced windscreens for nearly a century will soon be consigned to history. This is part of the government's plan to cut red tape and minimise expenditure. Motorists will no longer be able to glance at windscreens to confirm the tax has been paid. This could encourage unscrupulous sellers to claim that their vehicles have (say) eleven months tax remaining when they only have two. Extra tax, of course, can be worth hundreds of pounds on relatively modern vehicles that have high carbon emissions. So, to eliminate the risk of misrepresentation private buyers will know that – whatever the vehicles and whatever the prices - sellers will have to remove any tax value.

Automobile Association Emphasises Motorists' Concerns

The Automobile Association has claimed that motorists suspect that the tax disc's demise will cause problems. A poll of more than seventeen thousand revealed that seventy percent are “worried” they might drive cars that have been recently purchased by friends/relatives not knowing they are untaxed. Furthermore, another of the company's polls revealed that forty-seven percent claim that not having a disc will make them “more likely” to forget to renew. But overall its eradication is sensible. Why? Because it is simply a receipt that can be checked by the police to ensure vehicles are legal. That was fine in the past. Now, however, enforcement comes via a computerised database that automatically spits out fines to non-compliers. There is also a camera based system that scans number plates as vehicles pass and identifies tax dodgers - so relying on police officers to scan windscreens while on patrol in an outdated concept. Furthermore, motorists should not be concerned about forgetting to renew. They will, after all, still receive reminders through the post and - for the first time – be able to pay any vehicle excise duty by direct debit. Options will be annually, six monthly, or monthly. 


this new car tax system why don,t this gov put road tax on fuel the more miles you do the more you pay the less miles the less you pay simple.

Has anyone else picked up on the implications the new insurance/road tax regs have for selling your vehicle privately? As I see it SELLING YOUR OWN CAR IS NOW MUCH MORE DIFFICULT. Take the usual situation, you buy a new car before selling your old one, you transfer your insurance to the new vehicle and now must immediately cash in the road tax and declare SORN on your old vehicle. Now the problem arises, what happens when a potential purchaser of your old vehicle wants to test drive it (as they will of course), they can purchase temporary insurance at a reasonable cost, but unless they also tax the vehicle they can not take it on the public road. Alternatively you would have the cost of insuring both vehicles to retain the road tax on the old one until its sold. I wonder if this can be challenged under the human rights laws, the authorities will argue that provision has been made to still allow private sales of vehicles. Yet it seems the case that it is now much more complex and costly (in terms of additional insurance or the price you will be offered if a road test can't be undertaken). If there is a right to sell your own possesions, this surely interferes with it.

Yes we are been ripped off yet again . I am so fed up of tax and more tax ... Dvla will make more money out of you as a car buyer . Two lots of tax for the same month . It's a shame we could all get together and say NO NO NO

NO Mr Turvil! The disc is a full receipt (not just for police checks). It is the non volatile (not electronic) proof you have paid VED. I will now obtain a post office issued receipt as the closest alternative, even for my zero rated Panda, so DVLA will have to pay the post office for issuing a receipt for collecting no money as I am sure The ensuing electronic error would otherwise give me a fine for not following the procedure even though I owe nothing. Of course selling a car to a new drive away owner in the middle of the month means the vehicle will attract double tax for that month as I have not yet heard anyone suggest the tax should automatically be cancelled at the end of the month and the new tax start from the beginning of the next. Also we must not forget that if, prior to the sale, you have cancelled the insurance you will have to have claimed a VED refund so you can declare SORN to avoid the fine from "non continuous insurance enforcement".Yes! it is now compulsory to have third party insurance at times when no third party risk exists. If your insurance starts less than 2 weeks from the VED renewal you will need a paper certificate and the post office because "instant electronic" from insurer to Motor Insurance Database and DVLA online is 2 weeks.DON'T GET EMOTIONAL; LOOK AT THE DETAIL it is pure comedy until you trip over it

Why don't they just scrap the tax system completely and add it on fuel. Then no paperwork. And no one can get away without paying. you more you drive the more you pay. Fairest system.

i don't like this system. It's just another way to con money out of us. So many people will lose their jobs, post offices, dvla, etc. Having a tax disc displayed was a nice thing to have. Now it's all checks on computers before you can do anything. Also buying a second hand car with a bit of tax on it has gone out of the window. Say you're a small time trader, you want to buy two cars. How would you bring them back now since you can only put trade plates on one car? So your partner will not be able to drive the other car. As the saying goes if it ain't broke don't fix it. Stupid politicians!!

always voted conservtive and familey ,not again, if there doing this and the bedroom tax they attaking normal english poeple ,

What a load of Crap, if I sell my car part way through a month and there is tax on it, if I surrender it I wont get anything back, then the buyer has to TAX it and this is back dated to the beginning of the month so in fact the car will have that months TAX paid twice I don't think so. If I do surrender it how is the new buyer expected to get it home. Have these idiots really given this stupid idea any real thought

I am a post master. Vehicle taxing was a major source of revenue for us and many other PO's all over the country. This will certainly help to close many village offices serving the community. Direct debit for old age pensioners - another thing for them to worry about. Paying online - maybe ok for todays generation what about those who don't even own a computer. Another bright idea from a back seat polishing manager.

I do 75000 miles per year with volvo v50 road tax exempt vehicle rd tax £0. My wife do 1500 mile with wauxhall Astra per year and pays £280 ,,, I think stick it on petrol and people pays tax as much as they use,,,not happy with new system

If I sorn my old car and buy a new one (because I'm not paying for two lots of car tax) does the new purchaser of my old car test drive it?

The government saying it's non-transferable is a load of rubbish. If you sell a car half way through the month, are you really going to surrend your tax straight away, when you're not going to get the money back for that month? If the person who buys your car drives it back on the current tax, who's going to know? Providing you, as the seller remember to inform DVLA within a few days, otherwise you're paying for the new owners car tax for another month! There not a great deal the government can do to police it either, considering the car tax will be all digital from October 1st. Ha!

this is the biggest load of shi* i have read so what there saying is as before you could buy a car with 2 months tax on it then you phone your inurance and then you can get a cover note and get the car home but now . you can not sell the car with a tax disk . so now the only way your going to be able to see your car is to take it to a garage and get ripped off cos who is going to pay for a car from some one where they can not driver it away for a few days. so i pay 3000 for a car from some guy but i am expected to leave the car at his house untill i can tax it and insure it ? whos going to do that another shit get rich fast scheme from the cov .they have more than del boy .what a bunch of plonkers. who thought up this idea triger lol

Load of bollox anythink 2 pocket money

So you want to tax used car you just bought but first you have to insure it first then wait 7? Days for insurance company to enter details on dvla data base. Then what if when it's a bag of shit you want your money back off seller or dealer.

Let me get this right. If I want to buy a cheep car then I can only do that if I am stood next to a post office that is open. I bet they dont update the rip off side of the system. Example you buy a car 27th Feb and something goes wrong and you cash in your tax the very next day, you loose 2 months tax driving home from the post office, that should give MPs a couple of billion to spend on more stupid ideas.

Yet another crazy idea (not thought through) and imposed on the the people of the UK. Of which is going to take more money from our overstretched bank accounts.What impact will this have on Sunday opening car dealers ???????.

I think this is a stupid idea as we need tax on the cars to get them home when we buy them and now some clown sitting at a desk came up with this. Don't know why we pay road tax well so much road tax as we r told it's to keep our roads in good order........ When do they start doing that as all ya find lately is the roads r getting worse and no one seams to be fixing them or the best one when the resurface a road and within the week someone is out digging parts of it up again. Maybe they should look at the problems they have and sort them before they try to change thing and make bigger problems than what there is................ Come on guys give your selfs a shake and use the tax money we pay for the things they r meant to be used on and drop all these crazy ideas ya have.

So if I buy a car and cant buy the tax wid it how am I ment to get the car home I cant tow a trailor and dont have a recovery truck cant drive it home as braking law wid no tax and it would cost quite abite more to hire a recovery truck to deliver the car for me so in the end it would be a waste of time buying the car that I can aford and how many others are going to be in this situation also people will stop sellin cheap cars because people are going to be more reluctant to buy them or is that wat the government want people geting into more debt trying to get a new car coz they have tax (ie: cars on finance) this is a stupid idea do away with rd tax compleatly its not used to fix the roads the roads round were I live have got more pot holes and craitors in them than the moon they always seem to do the same 2 mile stretch of road. One 2 mile stretch of the a66 in cumbria has been re-surfaced about 6 times in the past 2 year what about all the other roads that are in desparet need of disrepair one main road is that bad the ambulance wont even use it they go the oposite way wich is ten miles longer even in an emergancey so yeh why do we have road tax

Stick it on top of the price of fuel.... REALLY??! As if we don't pay enough tax on fuel as it is!!! Whats fuel duty now, 62% and rising??! It couldn't work anyway, not in the way vehicle tax currently exists - depending on your emissions your tax can vary from £30 odd per year, right up to around £300 for my own vehicle. I would LOVE to see a flat rate of road tax on cars, after all, I do not use/damage any more road in my Focus ST than you do in your VW BlueMotion!!! I think the present taxation system is very very unfair, it should be a flat rate for everyone driving a car! So yes - PLEASE add it to the fuel price! But really I cannot see it happening. And before anyone starts saying "Well, your 2.5 litre Turbocharged lump kicks out more CO2 than my 1.0 VW" .... Global warming isn't caused by CO2, it is caused by increases and decreases in SOLAR output (go do your research!) X

ok how much a month will it be ?

So i buy a car off somebody who has been trying to sell itfor say (a couple of months as not in use) so tax is removed as it in his garage.before this i test drive it with no tax agree to buy it come back a week later then drive it let say 300 miles from Nottingham to newquay with no tax,then park on road with no tax and wait for ownership paperwork to shop up so i can tax it hoping the mot does not run out in this time???? idiots ! we should be made to diffuse a bomp with a tax disk inside its as if they dont want people to have it?but they love to punish us when we dont!we should just be able to buy it not rock up with non relevant paperwork has mot got to do with it!i may own a car i am fixing up have a small house (no drive ) but willing and able to buy tax... nope not any more.. Let me guess road tax is going up to pay for yet another crap idea!

the police do not do anything with tax now anyway . its all done by dvla . people are buying cheep cars with a few months taxon them and just running them into the ground . they do not register as keeper so fines do not get sent to them .

Stick it on Petrol & abolish exise tax, the more you drive & the more fuel you use the more wear & tear on the roads so you all pay your share & nobody can dodge it Sop Flippin simple but will put a few thousand more civil servants out of work so it wont happen, look after your own & all thatemployees that

It's proper name for the road tax is vehicle excise tax.... NOT the Road tax that we have called it for many years.

you should be able to buy tax online on a sunday #I have before but... that aside, I believe too its a good thing as I struggle to find the cash for 6 months all at once

its about time they inveted their time in a pay monthly by direct debit scheme ..this would make tax more affordable to everyone earn them money as it would be a regular income as i am sure most people would prefer to pay their car tax this way instead of yearly and 6 munthly

how will the police know your car is tax

The government know that a lot of people won't claim arebate... and that's exactly what they want... MORE MONEY FOR THEM TO WASTE... THEY'RE A CUNNING LOT. .. AND TOTALLY UNTRUSTWORTHY. .EVERY TIME THEY MOVE THE GOAL POSTS, YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR THE CATCH. .. THERE'S MORE HONEST MEN IN JAIL..

What if u buy a car on a Sunday? Only day off work how the he'll can u tax it to drive away?

Complete load of rubbish about number plate recognition cameras,i have seen vehicles nearly a year out of mot,and not been caught.Also people using false plates gets around that problem.They daren't call it road tax anymore because of the state of our roads.They will probably sell the dvla off to the french or spanish soon and let them make money out of it when it is out of our control.

anyone buying a car should have the green slip from the logbook which allows you to tax a vehicle at a post office instantly

Will they now credit us with partial months refund or still only complete as now? This means that if a vehicle is sold in the middle of a month the seller will have already paid for that month and not be credited for it whilst the buyer will have to pay for tax from the start of the month so the DVLA will get paid twice for the same month. I think that this will mean that most vehicle sales will now take place on the 1st of any month which will probably cause the computers to crash!!

Cars must be registered to the keeper and insured before tax will be authorised! Registration can take upto 3 weeks to be done, insurance will take a few hours to update onto the DVLA website, however can you imagine driving from Scotland to Cornwall to buy a car, then leaving it there for 3 weeks so the documents are updated then driving back down? And what if the car has been damaged in them 3 weeks cos the previous owner wont be bothered cos its already sold! This has to be a joke!!!

The reason you need to be the registered keeper is because it's where the tax disc gets sent, and that's no longer an issue. It takes a 1 minute check online to see if a car has tax or not, chances are that many owners will be paying by direct debit so they will cancel it anyway so always presume a car your buying is untaxed.

Optical scanning of number plates assumes that the correct plates are fixed to the vehicle. In Australia, number plate theft is common (used in petrol "drive-offs") and the registration label used to have the registration plate on it in large print so it could be seen on CCTV at petrol stations. No extra safeguard now as labels are being done away with in Victoria (and other states).

This is a joke right? Somebody somewhere is having a laugh?? This won't work simples! Cars must be registered to the keeper and insured before tax will be authorised! Registration can take upto 3 weeks to be done, insurance will take a few hours to update onto the DVLA website, however can you imagine driving from Scotland to Cornwall to buy a car, then leaving it there for 3 weeks so the documents are updated then driving back down? And what if the car has been damaged in them 3 weeks cos the previous owner wont be bothered cos its already sold! This has to be a joke!!!

Tax tax Tax. We get shafted for everything in the UK. I lived in the states oh it was so nice compared to here. less tax and easier living.

But you can only tax a vehical online if its in your name and also can take uptp sevem days for your insurance to appear on the motor insurance database (mid) so when you buy it you ring to tax it and you only just brought the insurance the earliest it would show on the system til midnight that day so will show as uninsured and they won't issue the tax so just gonna cause issues straight away

As it will no longer matter whether a disc starts at the beginning of the month, the 12 or 6 months tax would surely start the day you buy and the refund from the day you sell and refunded over the remainder of the 365 days.????

Most insurance companies man the phones over the weekend and you can insure a car over the phone. You will also be able to tax the vehicle over the phone and by the internet (if you have a smartphone) so whats the problem ? As far as the comment about the seller paying the tax for the buyer, what a load of rubbish. Any half intelligent seller would factor in the value of the tax in the selling price. It's far easier to pay for tax when you buy the car over the phone or on the internet than to take a trip to a post office.

Obscene. Yet another government rip off. Not thought through no doubt, just like bedroom tax, universal credit.

So if I only use my car one month in the year do I just paY ONE MONTH TAX

How is this going to work with Insurance, as you need insurance on a car before you buy it, you're not going to take insurance out if your not sure you're going to buy the car. Also the car won't be registered to you for a few days/weeks depending on DVLA sending v5/log book back so it will be impossible to get tax sorted on the day you buy the car I would be so annoyed as well if I'd taken the tax off the car, with the promise of a buyer coming to buy the car and they didn't show up. you're then left with a car you cannot drive!

its another way to make more money out of us all, because if you sell your car at the beginning of the month you will loss that month and not be able to claim back for that month, but the buyer will have to pay from the beginning of the month so the government will get an extra months money and that will add up to a good bonus for the government.

yet another ill thought out idea by our useless politicians.We should use the Canadian system where you keep your number plates for life and the licence sticker [tax disc] is attached to rear number plate. the owner then fits plate to new vehicle and fills out change of ownership on line.

How will disabled drivers get on who have free tax at present production of a certificate at the post office is the evidence for the free tax

Oh well another money making scam its the motorist getting it hit in the pocket again.

So how does this work then? At the moment, I have a car to sell. Buyer likes car pays cash, drives away. Now Unless I keep the car taxed, I cannot demonstrate the car to the buyer. So I keep the car taxed. Buyer likes car, but cannot drive it away as I now have to removed the tax disc before I hand over the car. He cannot tax car because it is (say) A Saturday unless he has mobile internet access. Then he will have to back date it to the first of the month. This is just another scheme to fleece the motorist and increase the bureaucracy surround them. If anything is not too complicated, let's make it more so, seems to be the maxim.

Seriously? Pay more for fuel? So what about disabled drivers who get free tax for getting around? They will lose this making it harder for them. And why would you actually want to pay more for fuel? We're being ripped off as it is, we should be getting free tax because of what we pay for fuel anyway. Just another way for the government to make yet more money from us.