posted 7 years ago

Proposed 80MPH Speed Limit Scrapped?

The British Prime Minister David Cameron looks set to put the brakes on raising the motorway speed limit to eighty miles-per-hour, according to the Daily Star.

The British Prime Minister David Cameron looks set to put the brakes on raising the motorway speed limit to eighty miles-per-hour, according to the Daily Star. This follows a warning from new Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin that 'speed does kill and most of the very serious accidents on our roads involve people disobeying the speed limits'. This represents a significant change of stance for the Government. About a year ago, you see, the then Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said that increasing the speed limit would 'put Britain back in the fast lane' by boosting business productivity via shorter journey times.

This concerned some road safety groups who believed that increasing the motorway speed limit would cost lives. Furthermore, as thousands of motorists already drive at eighty miles per-hour without being prosecuted, there was concern that ninety miles per-hour would become the “unofficial” limit. To counteract this, it was suggested that the increased limit would be more rigorously enforced than today's. However, whereas we are waiting for official conformation from the Government, this now seems academic. That pleases road safety charity Brake that works to minimise the number of people killed/inured on the roads.

Julie Townsend, Deputy Chief Executive, said: 'We are extremely pleased by this news and hope to hear further confirmation from government soon. Evidence shows eighty miles per-hour limits would cause more people to be killed and seriously injured on motorways” She added: “We look forward to hearing more from the new transport ministers on how they will usher in a better era for safety on roads and help to counter the recent increase in casualties.'


Again we see misguided pressure groups who are in a minority putting pressure on short term politicians. The last governments Labour MP's with an inbred chip on their shoulder about us rich people owning motor cars acquiesced to all the pressure groups and crackpots like transport 2000, and made war on the motorist, and ruined the transport infrastructure of this country. Here they go again quoting facts that can not be disputed, because the true facts will not be published to motoring public, facts like most accidents happen at 30 mph, and in many places accidents have dropped where speed cameras have been removed, and accidents involving at fault pedestrians who are hit by a vehicle are massaged to look bad for the motorist. Their oft quoted “ Speed Kills “ is a misleading smokscreen, as only inappropriate speed kills. The 70 mph Max was brought in over 40 years age to save fuel in the fuel crisis, and never rescinded, what politicians do not know is that modern vehicles use a ratio of more air to fuel the faster they go. Having driven in excess of 100.000 miles a year until retirement I have seen lots of daft things and bad driving on motorways, much due to a lack of motorway awareness and driving skill, but this is just a matter of education, and motorway driving instructional lessons should be part of the learning process, and of the driving test. What I am sure of is for all the vehicles driven on our motorways plus all miles driven, our roads must be among the safest in the world. Unfortunately this government is no friendlier to the motorist as the last Labour one, and Cameron is as trustworthy as a snake oil salesman.

Obviously the people who want the speed limit brought down or to remain the same do not drive for a living, they would appear to be the people that only come onto motorways at odd times and probably sit in the 2nd and 3rd lane at between 50 and 70 mph and adopt that i'm at the legal limit and no one else is getting buy me attitude, which is unfortuately all to common these days. We should concentrating on educating these idiots as to the correct use of lanes on motorways, this would lead to all lanes being used properly, and in turn making the motorways less congested and much safer places. And if you speed nimbies don't want to do 75/80mph, then please stay out of the outside lane to allow those of us that need to be somewhere, to enable us to earn a living. I drive approx 35k miles per year, and most days after using a combination of M25/A1M/A Roads and roads in and around London / Home Counties, and only manage to average between 15 - 23mph all day. End of rant!!!

70/80 mph does not seem fast when you are in the car but if you stand by the roadside you get a much better impression of just how fast it is. Similarily, if you see a chunk of timber or something similar fall off the back of a lorry at speed it really brings home how fast you are travelling.When the limits are reduced for long sections of roadworks I actually have found it quite relaxing and how much difference does it really make to journey times? What would really improve motorway travel would be to ban speed limited lorries from trying to overtake each other......and whilst I'm pontificating,why can't "the Daves" scrap the road tax and put it all on fuel. That way we would contribute according to miles travelled and there would be more incentive to use public transport.

Bring the limit down to 50 and ban overtaking. Drivers are not capable of driving (except for me, of course.

Thank goodness! Common sense has prevailed. All you dangerous speed merchants,understand this:more speed, more accidents. Will you never understand?

80 is too little too late. We really need 100 with modern cars with ABS & disc brakes. All those alarmist ninnys saying accidents are directly proportional to the speed travelled, cannot understand statistics! And as for 'many people 'BRAKE'* the speed limits this will obviously reduce as the Max speed is increased. (*the Nanny Staters)

Germany has some of the safest roads and drivers in the world - we could look at their system, educate our drivers. We have to resit or keep up to date certain tests for our careers so why not our driving skills?

Motorways have the lowest number of accidents per mile travelled than any other type of UK road, and the majority of accidents occur on 30 mph limited roads.

Always comes back to the question of why build cars for this country that exceed the limit? Stealth taxing government is my slant on things so less people would be fined for exceeding the 80mph limit than the existing 70! Simples!!

Raising the national speed limit on certain sections of the UK motorway network, as proposed by the previous Transport Secretary, Philip Hammond, has nothing to do with 'very serious accidents' and motorists 'disobeying the speed limits' we have heard all this nonsense before from people such as Barbara Castle who introduced the 70 mph hour limit back in 1966 following a short test at the back end of 1965. Why not bring our motorway limits into line with those of the better European continental roads?

OK in an accident where speed is involved, people will die. However, speed in itself does not kill, it is bad driving, which includes driving over the speed limit. Increase the penalty for dangerous driving. Finally, more 20mph limits in towns.

For me will be the BIG (another) broken promise by this Goverment. It was on this promise alone I voted for this party to so to align our speeds with Europe ie. 130Kph on dry roads

Before Speed limits are to be increased. The conjestion at junctions should be looked into. There is no point wasting fuel getting there quicker, just to sit waiting for the traffic to clear. Variable speed limits may be one solution. This seems to work well in some areas.

I agree with Clive. It is not the speed as such but the lack of distance to other trafic. Average speed on some motorways is already 80-85 so why not increase the limit on certain motorways. You could also limit certain drivers so that those with Advinced driving and those with a good safety record couls carry 80 stickers. It is congestion and frustration that makes bad drivers get too close. Also you could make it an offence to drive in the middle lane when the left hand lane is empty.

raising the speed limit would only result in everyone getting to the next RTA and tailback that much quicker!

The argument that raising the speed limit would lead to traffic speed rising to 90mph is stupid. Look at the roads in europe. I drive regularly in France at 130kph. I am normally one of the fastest vehicles only occassionally being overtaken by faster moving vehicles travelling above the speed limit. In Germany most traffic travells at 120-130 where there is no speed limit. In this day and age an 80mph speed limit bringing us in line with European standards makes good sence. Driver training will always be the key to safer roads. Ex Police Advanced driver. A.D.I.

I would place a bet that all of the people who advocate a higher speed are all ready driving at those speeds and have not been caught. I beg all of you to go on an advanced driving course (free in many counties) or a speed awareness program. Hopefully no one will come knocking on your relations door with the bad news.

The argument for 70 was based purely on fuel saving during a fuel crisis years ago, it has no bearing on safety calculations. Fuel economy, safety and road technology have improved dramatically since the 70 limit was introduced, so it has to be time to re-visit the limit. Provided laminar traffic flow is maintained a higher speed limit will improve the capacity of the motorways. The idea that you can't raise the speed limit as it will increase the speed for those already breaking it s just stupid. A speed limit should be sensible and enforced, unfortunately a lot of our speed limits are badly designed and arbitrary, like a fast dual carriageway limited to 40 because locals didn't like the traffic noise or a string of speed limit changes 30/40/30/40/30 separated by just 150m limits.

I think this is such a load of rubbish increasing the speed limit to 80mph will make no difference to the already existing speed motorists travel at as they already do 80, 90 and 100 miles per hour! This increase was only for Motorway conditions in any event so it bears no relevance to the argument of it imposing danger to lives on suburban roads. If the transport secretary is so concerned then adopt more stringent action on the already imposed speed limits by policing the roads properly as is done in other countries and in addition lets reduce town speeds to 25 miles per hour and open roads to 50mph maximum. Oh and don't forget to increase road tax, and fines to enforce this! Fuel tax could be increased to £1.50 making a litre of fuel about £2.90 well round it up and say £3.00 this should help line the pockets of those needy politicians!

Speed does not kill, it is bad driving and inappropriate speed that leads to accidents. If brake had their way we would be back to the red flag being carried before all motor vehicles and top speed restricted to 4mph. Enforced low speed limits often lead poor drivers to become complacent and they fail to appreciate the speed of vehicles approaching from their rear. Hence the poor drivers who pull out in front of faster moving vehicles and caused sudden braking and the stop start that occurs on some of our motorways. Driver education is the key, not limiting all vehicles to ever decreasing speed limits.

Most of the Europe has 80 mph. My car has 6 speeds, and I can only use sixth speed over 70 mph, so in fact it(6-th speed) is useless on British roads.

The 70 mph limit was brought in over 40 years ago following no speed limit on the M1. 70mph was a terrifying speed and driving a classic like a rover sd1 or triumph dolomite sprint which are very capable demonstrates that. The equivilant by todays standards would be 120mph ..... Not one car in the last 10 years is slower than 70mph so 80mph seems sensible and relevant. I have found the drivers in the outside lane fast but courteous and knowledgeable ..... Accidents are caused by slow, inexpierenced and indecisive drivers who feel magic indicators and " well hes going to fast" excuse bad driving and ultimatly death.

Are the general public ever going to be satisfied, lots of people can not afford the fuel for their vehicles and now we want 80mph - this week next week it will be 90mph and so on. It was set at 70mph for a reason I bet most people do not know why?

just another example of cameron playing god,he is without doubt the biggest arse wipe this country has ever elected.

Dont know how it would increase productivity still cant drive my lorry at 80 mph not that i would want to.

Good thing too. The roads are a frickin nightmare as it is, last thing we should be doing is allowing the nutters to drive even faster. Life is too cheap where that PR exercise 'road safety' is concerned so nice to finally see a touch of common sense prevailing.