posted 8 years ago

Prospect of New Audi A4 Inspires Bank Withdrawals

Here's an idea. Let's race to the bank, withdraw £21,525 - £42,090, and spend the cash on a brand new Audi A4 saloon.

Here's an idea. Let's race to the bank, withdraw £21,525 - £42,090, and spend the cash on a brand new Audi A4 saloon. This compact executive vehicle has numerous strengths including rock solid durability, Germanic prestige, and the kind of handling that inspires enthusiastic drivers.

Now, whereas this is a good start there is no point in having a great handling vehicle if it has less power than a sewing machine. Fortunately, Audi agree and offer the A4 with a wide variety of powerful engines. These include the mighty 3.2-litre FSi 261bhp petrol model that rockets to 60mph in 6 seconds and accelerates to 155mph. Alternatively, those who favour diesel power can choose the 2.7-litre 187bhp variant that hits 60mph in 7.5 seconds and averages 44mpg.

In terms of practicality, a new Audi A4 saloon carries 480 litres of luggage with the rear seats in place, and 962 litres with them folded flat. Motorists can also specify the optional 'luggage pack' that adds a net, retaining hooks, and a 12-volt power socket. This electrical supply comes in handy for powering pumps, food coolers, and car specific mobile phone chargers. Access to the boot is also easy, considering it is a saloon, thanks to a wide load entry.

Right, enough about practicality – let's talk gadgets. Standard models come with electronic stability control and heated door mirrors. The SE specification includes an upgraded radio, SD card reader, and the auto-dimming rear view mirror for when 'white van man' sits on your bumper with his lights blazing. Top of the range S variants also get 18” alloy wheels, sports suspension, and LED lights which – unfortunately - make this executive plaything resemble a cheesy Christmas light display. Still, never mind, a new Audi A4 is still a worthy purchase that should keep you happily motoring for many years to come. But please Audi, no more silly fairy lights.