posted 7 years ago

Proton 3 Years Free Servicing Offer

The Proton range is now available with three years free servicing.

The Proton range is now available with three years free servicing. Good stuff, but which cars can motorists choose from? The Savvy is a 1.2-litre 75bhp five-door city car that costs from £7,995. Moving through the range we find the Satria Neo, which is a 1.6- litre 111bhp three-door hatchback. Lotus, who are owned by Proton, helped develop this machine. Prices start at 8,495. Alternatively, family motorists may prefer the larger five-door Gen-2 with its 1.3-litre 94bhp or 1.6-litre 110bhp engines. This £9,195 plus workhorse is available in saloon guise too – and an Ecologic trim that runs on unleaded and LPG. Order by October 31st 2011 to benefit from the three years free servicing offer.

Simon Park, General Manager Sales and Marketing for Proton Cars (UK) Ltd, said: “At a time when some people are looking at how they can cut motoring costs, we’ve introduced this offer to help make people’s money go the extra mile and ensure they continue to be safe on the road. By introducing three years servicing on all new Protons, we believe that our customers are getting real added value for their money.”

The Proton range may not be the most fashionable on the market, but it has a few strengths. Equipment, for starters. Even the entry-level Savvy has: air-con, alloy wheels, electric windows, power mirrors, and parking sensors. All for only £7,995. These machines also – arguably - benefit from being a comparably rare sight on the road. This helps them appeal to motorists who want to steer away from the more predicable choices.