posted 7 years ago

Range Rover Evoque arrives at Euston Station

Pioneering marketing campaign for the all new Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover is taking over Euston Station is a pioneering marketing campaign for the all new Range Rover Evoque. Range Rover imagery surrounds travellers on their way through the main hall and along the escalators down to the underground platform. As passengers descend to the underground platform Range Rover Evoques will appear to travel alongside demonstrating the Terrain ResponseTM system, which allows the car to cross a wide range of terrains from tarmac to mud, snow and river beds. High over the escalators sits a 15 by 3.75 metre backlit billboard depicting a side profile view of the Evoque.

Prices for the Range Rover Evoque start from £27,955 for an eD4 Pure five door, six speed manual 2WD model. The 4WD equivalent is priced at £28,705. There is a choice of three engines, two body styles, three design themes and a wide range of options and accessories.

Laura Schwab, Land Rover Marketing Director said "in the same way that Euston Station is a London landmark, so too is our latest product, the Range Rover Evoque, we wanted to make a bold visual impact at the largest mainline commuter station in London. Euston Station is the perfect setting for us to showcase some of the key design attributes including the exterior form and convey its class leading terrain ability.”