posted 7 years ago

Range Rover Evoque Takes-Over Euston Station

The new Range Rover Evoque has taken over Euston Station.

The new Range Rover Evoque has taken over Euston Station. Now, there is no need to panic or call the police. This is 'not' the beginning of a 'terminator' style war – it is a pioneering marketing campaign by the legendary motor manufacturer. As such, commuters are now exposed to nine large wrap-around screens in the main concourse. These showcase the Evoque in a two-minute film, no doubt without mentioning John/ Sarah Connor. Furthermore, as travellers cruise along the escalators, the Evoque appears to follow. This emphasises the vehicle's staggering off-road capabilities. There is also a fifteen metre backlit billboard - just in case anyone fails to spot the 4x4 loitering with intent.

Laura Schwab, Land Rover Marketing Director said: "In the same way that Euston Station is a London landmark, so too is our latest product, the Range Rover Evoque. We wanted to make a bold visual impact at the largest mainline commuter station in London.” Ms Schwab continued: “Euston Station is the perfect setting for us to showcase some of the key design attributes including the exterior form, and convey its class leading terrain ability. We expect 90% of Range Rover Evoque customers to be new to the brand, so Euston Station will allow us to show Range Rover Evoque to 175,000 commuters a day."