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Registration Plate ‘F1’ worth £6 million

Owner turns down offer

A businessman has turned down an offer of over £6 million for his ‘F1’ registration plate. Mr Kahn has a collection of impressive private plates including ‘4HRH’ and ‘NO1’ but the ‘F1’ is the most desirable but it currently sits on his Bugatti Veyron supercar.

Mr Kahn paid a massive £440,000 back in 2008 for the cherished plate which was a British record. The 109-year-old registration was on a Volvo S80 which was used by the chairman of Essex County Council with the local authority using the funds from the sale to raise money for a charity which aimed to raise the standards for young drivers.

It has proved to be a fantastic investment for Mr Kahn as the plate’s value has increased more than ten times with the current offer for it at over £6million. However, Mr. Kahn, who runs A Kahn Design in Bradford, rejected the offer believing it is worth considerably more. 

Personal plates are a great investment if you make the right choice. VIP 1, which originally belonged to Pope John Paul II’s Pope mobile, was bought for £62,000 in 2004 and then two years later Roman Baranovichi bought it for £285,000. HEN 2Y cost £6,300 in 2005, and was bought for £20,000 in 2010. Celebrities are huge fans of personalized plates; Vinnie Jones (100 VJ), Phil Tufnell (BE57 CAT), runner Iwan Thomas (R400 RUN), Ian Botham (B33 FYS) and Lord Sugar (AMS 1).

The highest price paid for a plate sold by the DVLA in the UK was $pound;352,000 for plate 1 D. Mr Kahn holds the record for the highest price paid for a private sale.  Drivers in the United Arab Emirates are even more fanatical about personal registrations. The single digit ‘1’ sold in February 2008, for an amazing £7.25 million. Personalised numberplate specialists marketed another numberplate, reading 'X1', for a staggering £1million last September, but there has been no information on what it finally sold for.

The DVLA have over 30 million registrations available to buy online if you are looking to buy your ideal number plate, the process really is quite simple. To begin your search using the DVLA personalised registrations simply enter some initials, your name, or anything else that you would like to have on your number plate, in the yellow search on the site. The results will then give you a small selection of the choices available to you.


It seams it has enough £ I can offer him £1 so I can sell it for more and buy my family a house.

Cor blimey! I dont believe it!

Well I have B8ABE forsale if anyone interested not 6million pound plate but open to sensible offers over 1200.00

Shameless self promotion. Just a shame the journalist fell for it.


Has the whole world gone mad? If two digits on a number plate are worth over £6 Million see if Mr khan is interested in buying mine,it's got seven digits. Only offers over £500 will be considered.

Absolutely disgusting, the world has gone mad. There are people dying all over the world including in the UK through lack of good wholesome food and basic living conditions There are people suffering in war torn countries and all this guy can think of is GETTING MORE than the already ridiculously valued amount of £6 MILLION This guy should be thoroughly ashamed of himself. TOTALLY OUT OF ORDER as are so many things such as paying a newly signed footballer £300,000 PER WEEK !! Absolutely DISGRACEFUL

F1 would look good on just any car! imagine F1 on your Citroen C1....

For God's sake, it's a number plate. Mr Khan should take the massive profits from the sale and save a few hundred-thousand lives.

F1 is the best sport in the world. The plate would look great on my car!

It is not a matter of its worth ,it is what it matters to a individual .it a plate that's worth having on any car.

I am a massive fan of formula 1 racing, My little girl is called faye and she was born in 01 i would love this reg :D x

Suggest you obtain evidence to prove this "offer" as there have been reports in the past of such offers which have proved to be bogus!