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Registration Plates to be Replaced with Barcodes by December 2015

Reg Plates to be abandoned and replaced before Christmas

Final confirmation and implementation-tactics have been agreed in order to have Barcodes replace standard 7-digit registration plates by November 31st 2015. After being tested in Germany for the last 6 months, the new technology has been approved and labelled ‘fit for use’ in Great Britain following a recent change in legislation brought forward by the Department of Entitled Registration Proficiencies (DERP).

The conclusion has been regarded as ‘rushed and improvised’ from British motoring organisations as well as those who own Private Registration plates.

What are the benefits?

Barcode-plates contain over 1,000 times more fields of data that can be extracted from ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras. The 7 digits currently on our registration plates simply cannot contain all the necessary information.

What does your barcode say about you?

The new barcodes will be scanned by speed cameras, traffic cameras and emergency services to reveal the following information:

  • Year of Manufacture
  • Vehicle Make/Model
  • Location of dealer
  • Valid insurance?
  • Valid MOT?
  • Valid Tax?
  • Owners house address
  • Owners mobile phone number (if vehicle is stolen)
  • Emergency contact number (if vehicle is involved in an accident)
  • Fathers Maiden Name
  • Mothers Maiden Name
  • Favourite colour
  • First Pet
  • Bank Security PIN
  • Your Browser History.

Is This Necessary?

The Managing Director of DERP, Madame Pune, told us in an exclusive phone-interview: “...the current registration layout has been in place for too long and only shows a small amount of the data that we feel we have the right to extract out of every road user. What possible benefit can we obtain from knowing the year of manufacture alone? How is that in any way financially worthwhile for us? We’ve used safety-concerns as a bargaining tool to help sway the Government's perspective with this issue and what’s great is - it worked! How can any government turn down a system that claims to provide valuable emergency contact information in the event of a crash? Even if we do have the safest roads in the Europe! It’s just so easy to scare this government and accordingly we’ll make an absolute killing from it. Furthermore, we’re a foreign company based in Switzerland with accounts held in the Virgin Islands, we literally pay zero tax - it’s a great system!”


ridiculous!! How will the police or anybody for that matter quickly report a vehicle that is in violation of Some amendment?

is this a joke or what does this mean that all of us who have older cars will have to change the reg plates on our cars changed as well what barcode plates it is bad enough having scanners in shops what a load of crap all garages will go bust no money to buy new cars

It might be an april fool but let's hope the Brussels eurocrats don't read it. It might catch on. A eurozone method of reading all number plates. It would of course be an addition to all EU number plates


I meant car number not card number, lol.

Great idea! Then you can go to Tescos and they can scan your card number as you leave and they will send you the bill.

It is definitely an April Fool. Otherwise, how we will be able to identify a car used for crimes in an area where there are no CCTV?

Is this real?? Or an April fool?? If not please remove from website

Is this an APRIL FOOL JOKE replacing number plates with barcodes?

It's a funny april fools... but for all those out there... no april fools our childs father has a maiden name as he took my name and as the mother indont have a maiden name as mines never changed bear in mind modern days

good one had me fooled for 5 mins

Since when have Fathers had a "maiden name"? A definite clue to this being an April Fool!

Although obviously an April's jolly jape it is hardly any more stupid than some of the other government hot air and it is feasible a conventional number plate could incorporate a barcode to contain additional information. At least with a few conventional numbers on display the thing would at least be able to be fitted the right way up...

Obviously an April fool. But if it were true I would have as much chance as anyone else of passing eye test without my glasses.

Is this an April Fool hoax?..........

What happens to all the private number plates. A Barcode looks like any other Barcode.

Why the hell would they want my bank security pin. I always thought that was private and personal to individuals.

Just had accident! other car drove off. Reg no. some thick lines and some thin lines and some i'm not too sure of.

I didnt even know my father had a maiden name.

I just LOVE April the first.

Cory Lineton, The tyre marks left on the body will leave barcode lines. Haha

I didn't realise until someone told me today... Gullible has been taken out of the dairy today !!!! Hee hee

Hello peoples from my planets according to my bar code I'm 3000 years old 31st Nov party @ my nebulas!!! Whoo hop

Ooh,ooh...a fella in the pub was selling some....Lol

Didn't fall for it after 10 seconds. DVLA would lose millions not selling us those expensive private plates.

How can anybody identify any car(s) involved in kidnapping, or other criminal activity,to give to the police?

Great 1 April gag, obviously someone fell for it!



Very Good! Happy APRIL FOOLS everyone!!

if an hit and run happens,how is any body supposed to report the registration of the car involved if seen by someone in the street?

Good idea if your fool enough to go for it

How many days in November?

Its April fools day!

And who will be able to read all this info about me? In time, anyone! Looney Tunes springs to mind.…

er -- April Fool?

Is this an April Fool?

Wonderful idea for those who believe it

Looks like more interference & meddling by people who don't know what they`re doing

Private Registrations must be orotected and if not who is going to compensate the owners?

Let's make it happen

Must admit they do look pretty cool. 😉

Great, I'll just show it to the publican, eat and drink myself silly!

Happy April Fools day everyone!!!!

Fantastic idea. Cant wait to have this on my car. Will also help me to find my PIN as i could use my phone app that reads bar codes. Roll on 31 Nov. :)

I thought that this was an April fool when I saw it.

nice try, nearly as good as the flying penguins and the spaghetti harvest!

THIS BETTER BE AN APRIL FOOLS....What a load of a case of hit and run accidents then what!! Who has time to photograph off mobile and not everyone has a mobile phone.

yes, hands up, you got me going too

Comes in 31st November. Bit strange as usually only 30 days in that month. Maybe they've added April fools day to it.