posted 8 years ago

Rejoice - New Jaguar B99 Concept Car Debuts in Geneva

The new Jaguar B99 concept car makes me want to fall to my knees and rejoice.

The new Jaguar B99 concept car makes me want to fall to my knees and rejoice. That is because this potential Mercedes-Benz C-Class rival actually looks like a proper, hard-core, Jag. Let me explain. Ten years ago, twenty-five, even forty years ago, no vehicle produced by the Coventry-based manufacturer could be mistaken for the offspring of a rival.

By contrast, whereas the current line-up is unquestionably attractive, in my opinion the styling consistently fails to scream 'these are Jaguars'. It simply says, 'these are expensive'. I suspect that if the badges were removed from the latest XJ, for example, many motorists would confuse it with a Mercedes-Benz or Lexus. The same could rarely be said for retired models, as these generally have an unmistakable presence.

That said, Jaguar cannot live in the past and their styling must evolve. Bring on the new B99 concept. This magnificent beast is extremely appealing as it takes the best from historic models and injects a generous dose of twenty-first century modernism. So, the side and rear pay homage to sleek saloons from the past; yet the space-age lighting, muscular grill, and monstrous alloys bring this striking concept bang up to date.

The new Jaguar B99, which has been crafted by Italian design house Bertone, can be seen at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. In addition to its remarkable exterior, this beautifully crafted machine has soft leather upholstery, plus brushed aluminium and high-gloss African wood trim. What a beauty, let's hope something similar actually enters production.