posted 3 years ago

Renault Captur Is Practical, Affordable, Crossover Class Vehicle

Fuel efficiency, stylish looks, family practicality and lots of equipment come standard with Renault Captur.

Captur “always looks the part”, Renault says.

The Renault Captur is the sporty crossover class vehicle tailor-made for fun, its manufacture claims. This workhorse – which is slightly longer and wider than the Renault Clio but smaller than the Renault Megane Hatchback – has chunky, off-road, styling and its “action-packed” design “always looks the part”, Renault argues.

Renault Captur 2016

The Captur has 5 doors, 5 seats and cargo capacity is 377-litres which is more than respectable considering its compact external proportions. Sliding the rear seats forward cuts leg room, but increases storage to 455-litres (with parcel shelf removed). Folding the rear bench flat further expands capacity to 1,235-litres.

Renault Captur 2016

The boot has other tricks too. Depending on the model, the multi-position floor manoeuvres to create separate compartments or a single, large, area. Furthermore, its reverse has a rubberised surface for (say) muddy boots that can be cleaned via a wet sponge. 

Engines and transmissions

The Captur is available with various engine and transmission configurations which effectively balance performance with economy.

  • ENERGY TCe 90 S&S. This set-up incorporates a 898cc, 90hp, turbocharged petrol engine teamed with 5-speed manual transmission. Expect 0-62mph in 13.2 seconds, average fuel consumption of 55.4mpg and carbon emissions totalling 114g/km.
  • ENERGY TCe 120 Auto EDC S&S. This configuration is a 1.197-litre, 120hp, turbo petrol unit bolted to 6-speed automatic transmission. It propels motorists to 0-62mph in 10.6 seconds, averages 51.4mpg, and emits carbon at the rate of 125g/km.
  • ENERGY dCi 90 S&S. This version includes a 1.461-litre, 90hp, diesel engine and 5-speed manual transmission. 0-62mph takes 13.1 seconds, it averages 76.3mpg and emissions total 95g/km.
  • ENERGY dCi 90 Auto EDC S&S. This option incorporates a 1.461-litre, 90hp, diesel and 6-speed automatic transmission. The sprint to 62mph takes 13.8 seconds, it averages 74.3mpg and sends carbon through the exhaust system at the rate of 99g/km. 
  • ENERGY dCi 110 S&S. This configuration is a 1.461-litre, 110hp, diesel engine and a 6-speed manual gearbox. Expect 0-62mph in 11.4 seconds, 76.4mpg (average) and emissions of 98g/km.

Trims and equipment

Renault Captur 2016

The Captur Expression+ trim has: automatic headlights, air-conditioning, cruise control and hill-start assist so is nicely equipped for an entry-level model of its class. The Dynamique Nav trim adds: satellite navigation, climate control plus chromed trim.

The Dynamique S Nav also has rear parking sensors - and the Signature Nav has traction control, part leather seats and painted lower bumpers. The Iconic NAV Special Edition- that builds on the strengths of the Dynamique S Nav trim – has a reversing camera too. 

Note: Signature trim cars with mud and snow tyres burn slightly more fuel, and produce slightly more carbon than their siblings.