posted 7 years ago

Renault delivers its first electric Kangoo Van

Renault has delivered its first electric vehicle a Kangoo Van Z.E.

Renault has delivered its first electric vehicle a Kangoo Van Z.E. The Renault Kangoo Z.E. is the world’s first electric van produced by a mass manufacturer; it is very affordable with prices starting at £17,000 with a separate monthly battery hire fee from around £60.

Printer Patrick Chard is the first recipient of the electric Kangoo Van Z.E. and will now be cruising around silently and with zero-emissions. Ian Plummer, Director of Commercial Operations Renault UK, joined Marshall’s dealer principal and Z.E. sales specialist, in handing over the keys, together with a bottle of champagne and commemorative glass gift to mark the special occasion. He said “Renault has always been committed to reducing the carbon emissions of its vehicles, so to produce a range of zero-emission electric vehicles is incredibly exciting.

The two-seat version of the Kangoo is designed for goods transport, and the front seats are separated from the cargo carrying area by an optional bulkhead. It is in this configuration that Kangoo Van Z.E. offers its optimal load capacity. Seating in the five seat version can be arranged up to four different ways according to the number of people being carried and the bench seat can be folded into the floor to provide extra carrying space.