posted 8 years ago

Renault Energy dCi 130 Engine

Good news. Renault is producing a highly efficient new engine.

Good news. Renault is producing a highly efficient new engine. The 'Energy dCi 130' is a 1.6- litre diesel powered unit that slides into the front of various vehicles. These include the family- focused Renault Megane and Scenic. This innovative engine will also be available in Nissan's fleet, as the Japanese company and Renault work together to minimise development costs. The outlay for this particular project was €230,000, which is equivalent to one litre of fuel.

The Energy dCi 130 has four in-line cylinders, sixteen valves, and produces 130bhp at 4,000rpm. Its maximum torque figure is 320Nm at 1,750rpm, which is sent to the driven wheels via six-speed manual transmission. The engine also has a start/stop feature to minimise fuel consumption by switching-off at – say – red traffic lights. The dCi 130 can also operate with a regenerative braking system similar to F1-style KERS. Emission reducing exhaust gas recirculation technology completes the environmentally focussed line-up. Very clever stuff.

Renault report the new engine's fuel consumption and emissions are twenty per-cent lower than its predecessor. Great news for your wallet and the environment. The quoted figures are 62.8mpg (mixed cycle) and 117g/km. However, these may vary depending which vehicle the engine powers. Either way, Renault is committed to further reducing its environmental footprint. The target is to lower the fleet's current average emissions of 137g/km, to 100g/km by 2016.