posted 9 years ago

Renault Fluence

The Renault Fluence is a 2+2 concept coupe

Renault has announced that they will have four electric vehicles commercially available by 2012. One of them will be the Renault Fluence which is based on a saloon barely smaller than the Laguna.

The Renault Fluence will have a range of 100 miles and is intended to be an all round vehicle for family use. It can be charged from a domestic power point which would take between four to eight hours, or a higher voltage charging point which would mean recharge in twenty minutes. There will also be the alternative of having the batteries swapped for fresh ones at one of the Quick Drop stations Renault is developing in partnership with the Project BetterPlace consortium. This swap should take around three minutes.

Renault says the Renault Fluence will be viable and pledge to ensure all potential buyers will be able to afford it. It is a five-seater with a 327-litre boot, and it will be fast enough to cope with motorways, quick roads and usage outside the urban environment.