posted 3 years ago

Renault Zoe Earns 5 Star Euro NCAP Rating

Renault Zoe Euro NCAP Rating

Buzz. Buzz. The Renault Zoe – a fully electric supermini - has sent sparks flying by earning Euro NCAP's maximum 5 star safety rating. This incorporates scores from four electrifying areas: “adult occupant” protection (89%), “child occupant” protection (80%), “pedestrian” protection (66%) and “safety assist” that covered the seatbelt reminder system, etc. (85%). The vehicle was assessed via numerous tests before receiving its five stars. These included the “frontal impact”  which required the subject to strike an immovable block at 40mph. The hazard was offset to ensure it only struck by part of the vehicle's bodywork. Equally electrifying was the “car to car side impact” test that propelled a mobile barrier into the vehicle at 30mph. This complemented the “pole side impact” test that simulated striking a tree or lamppost. The pole was narrow to encourage penetration into the cabin and hit at 18mph. Furthermore, the “whiplash” test evaluated how the seats mitigated injuries in the event of a rear collision and the electronic stability program – that makes cornering safer by minimising the chance of a spin – met the required standards. So, despite the pint-sized proportions and unconventional power source this is a solid little car.

Renault Zoe Overview

Buzz. Buzz. The Renault Zoe is one of the most popular electric cars on the market – so let us consider its credentials. The manufacturer claims that the maximum range is more than 120 miles. However, this  might be tricky – although possible – to achieve so expect nearer 90 miles on suburban roads in the warmer seasons and 62 miles in the winter. Naturally, the range is influenced by factors such as the weight it is carrying, the terrain it is covering and how much equipment is running. Once flat, this attractive looking vehicle can be charged via a cable and standard plug in three/four hours. The alternative is to refuel – at various speeds and various costs – via public ports as found via the satellite navigation system. Furthermore, this supermini propels 88bhp through automatic transmission and hits 62mph in about 13 seconds. That is fair for the class and complements the light steering, sure-footed chassis and comfortable ride. It is practical too. As such it seats five people and has a 338-litre boot for any electrical luggage. Finally, this workhorse comes in three trims (Expression, Dynamique Zen, Dynamique Intens) all of which have climate control, cruise control and an electronic stability program. The mid-spec adds alloys and top trim has a rear view camera. How electrifying.