posted 5 years ago

Renault Zoe Scalextric Cars Charge Through London

Renault Zoe Scalextric Cars

Honest - yes really. The Renault Zoe has been turned into a full-size Scalextric car and raced through the capital. In fact, two vehicles – one finished with white paint the other black – charged passed landmarks such as the London Eye, Westminster Bridge and the Houses of Parliament. Odd. My Scalextric cars rarely ventured beyond the bedroom carpet. Naturally, the route through the capital was defined by a black track that measured nearly two miles long and consisted of five-hundred and seventy pieces clipped together in the familiar manner. Furthermore, the cars had reworked undercarriages that incorporated braids which slipped into the slot on the track and steered the front wheels. These superminis were raced by Stephanie Mayer and Ben Wheeler who had won a competition on Facebook. Control came via hand-held wireless devices and the winners had a perfect view from their helicopter. The race - which was won by Stephanie thanks to a skilful drive – was more thrilling than last year's F1 and can be seen on YouTube. Honest - yes really - we promise.

Renault Zoe Overview

Some versions of this electric supermini operate without track. So, let us consider their credentials. The manufacturer claims that the maximum range – as defined by a rolling road test in ideal conditions – is more than one-hundred and twenty miles. However, in real-life expect to cover nearer ninety on suburban roads in the warmer seasons and sixty-two miles in the winter. Naturally, the range is influenced by factors such as the number of passengers, the terrain and how much equipment is running. Once flat, it can be charged via a cable and standard plug in three/four hours. The alternative is to refuel – at various speeds and various costs – via public ports as found via the satellite navigation system. Furthermore, the Zoe propels eighty-eight brake-horse-power through automatic transmission and hits sixty-two miles per-hour in about thirteen seconds. That is fair for the class and complements the light steering, sure-footed chassis and comfortable ride. It is practical too. It seats five people and has a three-hundred and thirty-eight litre boot for spare bits of track. Finally, this workhorse comes in three trims (Expression, Dynamique Zen, Dynamique Intens) all of which have climate control, cruise control and an electronic stability program. The mid-spec adds alloys and top trim has a rear camera. My Scalextric cars had none of that.