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Report Claims Licence Renewal Age Should Rise From 70 To 80

Why Raise The Licence Renewal Age From 70 To 80?

A Department for Transport report has claimed that the age motorists have to renew their licence should increase from seventy to eighty. Why? Because the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency – that is responsible for licences - is struggling to keep pace with the volume of renewals. This initiative would ease the pressure that has been rising as nearly sixty percent of people aged seventy plus now drive. That is fifteen percent higher than in the mid-seventies. As such, the number of motorists that are medically assessed has increased by fifty percent in the last decade alone. The Agency, therefore, now receives nearly one and a half million items of medial mail per-year – and processing takes a bite out of the four-hundred and twenty million pound budget. The purpose of the Department for Transport report is to suggest how to make the Agency more efficient and better value. As things stand, a motorist that hits seventy has to renew the licence to confirm he/she is fit to drive. This process – that has to be repeated every three years - therefore requests information about the applicant's eyesight and any medical conditions that can impede driving. These include: fits, epilepsy, blackouts, diabetes, etc.

Safety Champion Unconvinced By Proposal To Raise Renewal Age From 70 To 80

The Department for Transport report also claims that increasing the renewal age to eighty could have little or no impact on road safety. Others are unconvinced. As such Julie Townsend – Brake Road Safety Charity's Deputy Chief Executive, said: "It is concerning the Department for Transport is considering raising the age for licence renewal, regulation that's in place for good reason. At this age, conditions that can significantly impair your ability to drive safely become much more common, so it's essential we have robust procedures to ensure older drivers are not inadvertently putting themselves and others in grave danger. Licence renewal prompts older drivers to check and self-certify they are fit to drive. Brake is calling on government to strengthen fitness to drive regulation to help prevent needless tragedies, such as through compulsory eyesight testing throughout your driving career and health checks for older drivers. Brake recommends older drivers visit their GP and have sight and hearing tests at least annually - or sooner if they notice a problem - to ensure they are fit enough to continue driving and not unwillingly putting lives on the line when they get behind the wheel."


I have been driving sins I was 17 drive to the middle And the wife and I all way drive when we are on hoilday in like all ages some of are good and some are bad and some should never had a licence at any time in there live

I am 68 drive six days a week for bakery company i dont have to retire at 70 so why not raise renewal to 80.

I see this as a logical move but alternatives when certain illnesses strike. I am turned 80 and have the advantage of driving daily which keeps me in touch with ever changing road/traffic conditions. It's the intermittent driving which is the biggest single accident contribution - no matter what the drivers age

We are constantly being told we have an ageing population therefore we will now have to work until we are 70. So when you get to retire (eventually) you may not have a driving licence if someone deems you not to be capable, yet, some 20 yr old can wrap himself and possibly others around a lamp post but nobody assesses his capabilities, age brings wisdom and patience. Increase the renewal age please.

I am 72 & I drive to my Holiday home in Portugal about 4 times a year, there are large numbers of older drivers wandering around Europe many in huge Motorhomes without any problems. My 83 year next door neighbour drives daily & my father was 85 before he decided ti give up driving. None of us have any problems with insurance etc & the licence renewal is self certifying anyway so it is really a bit of a farce as it stands.

I am 71 this year and ride the worlds most powerful production motorcycle.I have all my faculties and able to keep up with those who are 20 years younger.I see no reason not to raise the age limit to 80yrs. Get real, most seventy year olds are not sat in a high chair dribbling. They are out there doing some pretty amazing things.

As a PCV driver, once I reach 60 I have to have a medical each year (for which I have to pay) Are my medical requirements also going to be changed so that it won't be until I'm 70 before I need on every year? Alternatively, how about elderly drivers requiring a signed medical certificate at least every 5 years - if the doctor feels they are getting worse they can have the certificate run out earlier. What worries me most about elderly drivers is that I've known two of them who only stopped driving when they had a [nasty] accident.

I am 71 with no problems driving high performance vehicles and I would suggest that 80 years of age would be the correct renewal age

It is long past time that driving standards are tightened right across the board and not just for the ageing. Lots of our older drivers retain their driving ability to the end but as the hit song implies it takes them longer because things slow down a bit as a person ages. There is nothing wrong with that other than they are placed at a great disadvantage when in competition for road space with the lightning-fast reactions of the young, the aggression of the drivers of white vans, taxis, buses, or repmobiles, the ill-mannered, the stubborn, the inflated ego and the socially maladjusted. There should be a psychological evaluation required so many of those on my list are never able to get a driving licence in the first place.

I know that the DVLA medical department is vastly overworked. I am 75 and diabetic. Last year it took me over a year to renew my licence before I was issued with a new one for 12 months. This has now expired and I have to start same process again. Have clean driving licence and many clears no claim bonus on insurance.

I am 78 in a few months and still have a full licence that allows me to drive 16 seater minibuses and a train weight up to 12.5 tons. To do this I undergo a full medical every three years and have done so since reaching 70years. I have believed for some considerable time all drivers should undertake a driving related medical over a predetermined period. Obtaining a pilots licence you are required to pass a medical and I believe it should be also a requirement when learning to drive. There are drivers of all ages who should not be driving for one reason or another, lack of anger management training, poor sight and so forth.

I'm 81 and renew my license regularly as required. Please be aware that all one has to do is fill in a form to renew the licence. Yes you are required to declare anything that could impair your ability to drive but, as far as I know, there is no check on the accuracy of the information.

Seeing as the government is quite happy raising the working age because people are now living longer would indicate they are confident of our fitness and ability to continue working shouldn't it therefore include driving to eighty before renewing your licence I would have thought people using mobiles when driving and smokers who appear more intent on smoking than keeping there eye on the road.

If you look at accidents to miles traveled older people are over represented slower reactions and lose of sight being major contributors. The facts are often overlooked as the lose of a license is a lack of freedom but what would your life be like if you killed a child.

I am 60 and an ex driving in structure and see poor dangerous and inconsiderate driving from all ages and races. When will the government consult those who really know a subject before making rash and often wrong decisions. Yes health checks from 70, but compulsory top up and awareness training for all every 5 years. In all professions we need on going training and learning as this keeps us up to date and raises our awareness for all things changing or unchanged. Until this happens we will all continue to suffer. Being in charge of a vehicle is an extremely responsible position and to save lives, cut down on lack of courtesy, renew people's awareness of road procedure and self awareness checks on everyone's driving ability every 5 years is essential. It could be in the form of a series of say pass plus lessons, the first being an assessment and then lessons following to bring your ability once again to test standard. Most people won't like this suggestion but I see so very many drivers who are oblivious of other road users and oblivious to what they are doing. Drivers who pull out without looking, drivers who don't bother to signal, don't know how to use roundabouts and road rage - well it leaves me cold. Well done the other driver with a windscreen camera.

I have just renewed my license at 70 and can see day and night ,I indicate at all times taking the guess work out of driving for other motorists is it the norm now to not let other drivers know you are turning off an island,left or right or is it sheer idleness on the part of drivers in this day and age who can't be bothered. I follow some drivers who wander from lane to lane and can't believe they have a license or have they forgotten how to drive since taking their test.

Bravo John Chambers! I am 66 and not in the best of health, but there is nothing wrong with me that would impinge upon my driving. I am a professional driver ("white van man"), and I pride myself on 45 years no claims bonus. I am constantly amazed at how many younger drivers cannot judge the size of their vehicle, or do not know how to control it. I now have a windscreen camera in my van, and have sent the police several clips of incompetent and/or criminal behaviour that I have captured thereon. Raising the limit to 80 would be a good move, but I think that any driver that has caused an accident, however slight, should be reassessed.

we are living longer

carnt cope so just move the goal posts no sense in it people that age do need assesing ps im 68

People are living longer and staying healthier so the change from 70 to 80 makes sense. The whole concept of age related competency and road safety is , however, fraught. Most of the dangerous driving I see is carried out by those in the age bracket 18 to 25. Should there be special requirements for those?

I cannot add any more comments than have already been stated, however what I consider to be relevant and important. Who or what is Brake, and does it need a deputy chief executive ?, the inference being there. Who is paying for this must also be a Chief executive, and all the attendant minions who is paying for this ? easy answer us motorists , money that could be better spent repairing pot holes etc. now that would improve road safety

I am just 70 and have never been a professional driver but am struggling with the bureaucracy and inefficiency of the DVLA to keep my C1 and D1 sections. I must have driven a million miles or more in my 54 years of driving with one at fault mishap and one traffic light offence. I have driven around all of East and West Europe, Australia and America as well as numerous other countries without problem in all sizes and types of vehicle. I KNOW my faults and contain them and don’t need a test or a medical just because I am 70. I am quite happy to drive day or night to wherever and whatever distance as I often do – age should not be a condition if the ability is there ! The majority of UK drivers, whatever their age, show a lack in their inability to drive more than a few yards ahead of themselves, a significant lack of skill on ice and snow and worst of all their total inability to assess of the width and length of their car. If the driving test included Car mechanics, speed and bad weather skills as well as all the present aspects we would have less accidents and better but a lot fewer drivers on the road leaving plenty of room for the over 70’s.

Good idea, providing existing reporting of medical issues exist; for re-testing both theory and practical for over 70's say every 5 years - shocking number of many sub 70 senior people appear ignorant of the LATEST Highway Code!

i agree with the increase to 80

So BRAKE are claiming deas people should have their licence taken away. What's with this hearing test then?

Driving licence? what driving licence! most of my driving friends have not even got one. Can I suggest that a licence must be produced at every stage and action in connection with a vehicle from buying one to insuring it to even buying petrol.

Re-tests should be performed every 10 years regardless of age. At the age of 50 the frequency should be increased to 5 years till 65 then every 2 years their after. Safety is paramount and shouldn't be compromised for any reason

I am 77 and have driven for 61years without a problem. I think a better idea is 6 monthly tests for all drivers below 35 and all those with a car with a maximum speed above 90 mph. That way we will get rid of most of the butters on the road today!,

Very few things improve with age. However wisdom and knowledge do. I have been driving for over forty years. I accept cars are now much safer then they used to be. In my opinion inappropriate speed causes loss of control not the age of the driver. In my experience and (I include my two boys in this) young drivers generally drive much quicker until they catch something up. It is always without fail the more experienced driver who reads the road and overtakes safely in one seamless motion. With reference to the Highway code we all have up to date knowledge through experience gained whilst driving. Due to the increase in life expectancy and experience gained through driving it makes complete sense to increase the age for renewing your Driving Licence to eighty.

Just take a good look at the differential from a insurance point of view and you will see who is more than lightly to have an accident an 18 year old will pay three times more than a 70 year old Insurance companies would much prefer an 70 years young driver because of the risk factor, it's what they class as good driving the answer is very simple it most certainly should be raised to 80years of age

I'm not sure that delaying the renewal of licenses is a good thing far too many older drivers have incredibly poor reaction times, it should be compulsory for them at age 70 to do the hazard perception test as for new drivers to show that they are not hazardous on the roads.

Having just renewed my licence at 70 and driven safely from aged17 with no endorsements on my licence ever I think a short test on the Highway Code would be appropriate with those failing being forced to take a total re-test. That would get bad drivers off the road and let the rest continue with reasonable insurance.

Some young people drive a few miles to and from work in their locality and rarely drive elsewhere. Some older people regularly drive all over the country and abroad. Those who often have to avoid older folk emerging from junctions may think about observing how they drive themselves. I've heard the exactly same comment relating to teenagers. We all make mistakes and thankfully most of the time we get away with it. Age does affect our ability to drive but our attitude towards other drivers may be more important.

I will be 70 later this year. I drive a Discovery 3 towing a large caravan. I intend to carry on caravaning. I have driven large vehicles all my life. I have no problem driving but I do see younger drivers who have no respect for other road uses. yes I will be be renewing my licence when I turn 70 my driving licence is for Class A ,E which means I can drive an 8 ton vehicle and have many times. I will insist that these classes A,E is again put on my new licence. I agree that the age should be increased to 80 years young. the government are making people work longer before they can retire so again if people have to work till they are 70 then their licence should last till they are 80 before it needs renewing

The older motorist is an increasing menace on the roads. They fail to keep pace with the traffic and slow further for oncoming traffic at night which just demonstrates their eyesight is insufficient to be safe. Far from increase licence renewal from 70 it should be decreased to 50 with a new theory test (it was over 30 years since a 50 year old read the Highway Code) and a Optician's certificate every 5 years with the prescription recorded at the DVLA. Medical certificates should be every year after 65. The old joke "I've been driving for 60 years and never had an accident. But I've seen many" is apposite.

My Father had Dementia and when he received the form asking if he was fit to drive, he just answered yes and was allowed to carry on! I contacted the DVLA but they said I had to get his GP to state he wasn't fit to drive. I managed to do this without my Father being aware that I done this. BUT when he received the notification from the DVLA he called me screaming abuse at me. It was very difficult for me to Look after my Father without actually living with him, but I was against putting him in a home. I managed to keep him at home for one year even though he very advanced with dementia. Maybe a lot of elderly drivers are safer drivers, but someone with Dementia is definitely not

As an OAP in my 76th year I think it now appropriate that the Licence Renewal Age rise to 80. Life expectancy is now far greater and indeed far better than when some of these decisions were originally made and we must move with the times and address any economic savings that can be achieved. Hence people are to be expected to work until 70 which must be an indication that quality of life is continually improving. For the record I retired at 73 years young.

As a young driver I agree that retesting should be done to all. I have numerous times had to make emergency avoidance to stop a collision caused by an older driver pulling out. Not all older drivers will have the awareness or reaction times of a younger driver. Some younger drivers have a poor road attitude, but ten so do older people. Prime candidates for this are middle aged motorists.

So they're struggling with 15% increase in work since the 70s? They need to stop being lazy and get on with it. I wish I only did 15% more work since 4 years ago never mind 40 years ago.

I am 70 years old & have been driving as mechanic + sales Executive + white van delivery all my working life, what about retesting some of the young drivers every 5 years , some of their "attitude" on the road is awful, at least we "older" drivers have some respect for other people & I myself a lot of miles of experience

I am aged 68 and in very good heath and an IAM driver I believe every one should be retested every 10 years regardless of age.

It makes sense to increase the age limit to 80. Most elderly drivers are a lot safer than the 17-25 age group who create a disproportionate amount of accidents, hence their very high insurance premiums. Whilst there will always be exceptions, most elderly drivers are more courteous and don't drive at excessive speeds.

You can't change safety rules purely because a government department keep up.The current arrangements are adequate therefore they should remain. Employ more people to cope with it.

The age should not be lowered at all. Most OAP's after 65 are not fit to drive .look how many rediculouse accidents are caused by old drivers. All should be re-tested after age 70 if not 65. I am 70.

I agree it should be put up to 80 years to renewal.

everyone attends the doctor for one thing or another including hospitals. If the doctors will if necessary tell you to contact DVLA if there is a problem which effects your driving as well as telling you to STOP driving right away.

As a driver aged 73 I welcome the appearance of that letter from the DVLC requiring me to renew my licence every three years. It acts as a reminder that increasing age can mean deterioration in eyesight and reaction times for older folk, and those deteriorations can be so slow they may not be noticed by the driver. Besides which, the effects of age are so idiosyncratic and involve so many factors, I think older drivers should have reason to check their health quite frequently, for all road user's benefit.

Raising the age limit will make little difference. Surely individual health is the most important criteria.