posted 5 years ago

Report Shows Customers Get Excellent Service From Approved Garages

Motor Codes Report 2014

The Motor Codes Report 2014 proves that customers receive excellent service from scheme approved garages (generally). A survey of 3,170 motorists – that bought a new car within the last two years – therefore shows that the average satisfaction rating received by sales staff was 4.7 out of 5. That was 0.3 higher than the previous year. Of these buyers 21% admitted to being “influenced by advertising” which was 7% higher than 2012. Furthermore, only 10% of the respondents needed a repair within the first two years which was a 5% fall. This figure suggests the industry has taken meaningful steps to improve reliability. The Motor Codes Report also shows that motorists tend to receive excellent care while their cars are serviced / repaired. As such, of the garages evaluated by 53,800 customers – some of which were franchised dealers and others independent - the average satisfaction rating was 97%. This was 5% higher than 2009. Furthermore, the age of cars being serviced or repaired has risen. In 2013, for example, 19% were 1 to 3 years old compared to 29% in 2009. Also, 18% were 11 years or older compared to less than 10% in 2009. No doubt the slow economy influenced these figures.

About Motor Codes

Motor Codes is a self-regulatory body that sets performance standards for garages to adhere too. According to its website, members are committed to maintaining high standards throughout the new car sales process, while administering warranties and while servicing and repairing. This seems evident from the impressive survey results. The membership – which totals more than 6,500 throughout the country - each pay £30 + VAT for a welcome pack then £125 + VAT annual subscription. Members then commit to three codes: The New Car Code, The Service And Repair Code and The Vehicle Warranty Products Code. These cover areas such as: advertising, mechanical work, staff, dispute resolution, disciplinary action, booking, billing, etc. Motor Codes ensures that a new member complies with best practice – within 3 months of subscription – via an unannounced inspection. There are then follow-up checks every 24 months which cost £175 + VAT. This comprehensive approach ensures Motor Codes has the support of the Trading Standards Institute, Society of Motor Manufactures and Traders, Department for Business Innovation & Skills, Citizens Advice Bureau and Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency. Motorists can find member garages via the body's website by entering a town / postcode.