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Revealed: Britain's Most Expensive Parking Spaces

People visiting the capital pay an average of £48 per day

It was recently revealed that people parking in the capital pay an average of £48 per day, compared with only £10 in Manchester.

Not only do commuters in London have to pay sky high parking charges, they also have to pay the congestion charge as well.

From most to least expensive, here's's guide to parking in the capital.

Eight Mayfair spaces - £281,000 each

Each of the eight spaces offered for a very long term lease in Mayfair would provide "free" parking for the next 990 years, all within walking distance of some of London's most desirable properties. However, the eight-bay forecourt beneath an apartment block doesn't even have walls, meaning the expensive motors which are likely to parked there would be exposed to the elements. Offered for sale by national property consultancy Carter Jonas for a whopping £2.25m, the parking plot is located off Charles Street, Mayfair

Ashley Coleman, head of Carter Jonas Mayfair, said: “Collective parking space in Mayfair is a rare commodity and this opportunity to purchase a forecourt of eight is most unique. I believe it is very likely to appeal to a wealthy resident looking for good home for their luxury fleet of vehicles."

A snip at £400,000 for two spaces

At the time thought to be be Britain's most expensive parking spaces, two underground bays in Kensington were sold for £400,000 - £200,000 each - in February 2014. For that hefty price tag, the buyer gets to leave two vehicles a short walk from the Royal Albert Hall. Not so surprising when one considers that nearby apartments sell for up to £10m.

Private Garage For Rent Near King’s Cross

Here, a private garage is being offered as a parking space. It is close to both London Euston and King’s Cross station, so a perfect location if you are travelling from either of those locations, but at over £108 per day you might not want to go away for too long.

The Heart Of Mayfair

This garage offered for rent by a private landlord is only two minutes' walk from Regent Street and is close to Saville Row. But being this close to these iconic locations comes at a price and to safely park your car away in this garage will cost you £62.50 per day.

The Mayfair Car Park - Park Lane

This car park in Mayfair is fairly cheap for the area. It costs £24 for four hours. Staying for less than 12 hours will cost you £37, whilst doubling that time will cost you £49.

Burlington Street

At £8 an hour, car parking at Q-Park in Burlington Street, which lies between Pall Mall and Piccadilly, is also pricey. For a stay of four hours, you will be charged £32. Only by staying for the whole day do you qualify for a discount on the hourly rate, with a 24-hour stay costing £48.

NCP Pavilion Road – Near Harrods

When we were thinking of the most likely place in London to find parking with a high price tag, posh people's department store, Harrods, was one of the first places to come to mind. The NCP car park on Pavilion Road near Harrods charges £28 for a stay of between two and four hours. Any longer than four hours and you will be charged £40.

London Grosvenor Hill NCP

Being the most expensive district on the Monopoly board, you’d expect Mayfair to be expensive and this car park is no different. Although much cheaper than £281,000, a two hour stay here will cost you £17.30. If you stay an extra two hours, be prepared to pay an extra £19 on top of that. 

Arlington House - Arlington Street

This is another car park close to the centre of London, just off Pall Mall and close to Buckingham Palace. Here parking for four hours will cost you £28, but if you work in the city you can pay £250 to park there for the week.

London Berkeley Hotel - Wilton Place

This car park is very close to Hyde Park and central London, but is one of the cheaper places on our list. However, at £24 for four hours, it’s still not cheap.

And The Cheapest Spaces?

Believe it or not, it is possible to find a reasonably priced car parking space in London, but you might need expert help. The website provides tips on locating cheap street parking. With parking available from as little as £4 a day, it's definitely worth a look.

Do you know of anywhere more expensive - or cheaper? Comment below.


I have been to all the towns that the poster mentioned and I agree there is free parking there and in many other towns too, but where swadlincote is different there are no charges anywhere and no meters either. You could not pay even if you wanted too!

Swandicote is not the only town with free parking? Caterham, Oxted, Reigate, Bexhill, Eastbourne, whyteleafe, west Worthing, all have free parking? There is free parking in London too, if you know where to look. Most red routes have 'free parking for 1hr' bays either on them on in side streets off them, and Smithfield market in the city, you can park there all morning free [check wording and times on boards], so they're there if you look for them!!!

Just shows the stupidity of the human race to pay these rip off prices, and as long as the human are stupid then they can expect to be ripped off over, and over again by money grabbing greedy sods.

It's no wonder cycling is so popular in London.

I lived near Stansted Airport in the 70's when BAA were trying to get planning consent to develop it. One of the 'advantages' were 'It's only £1 a day parking' well how long did that last once we got the new Stansted?

When I lived in Birmingham it was expensive, but now I'm fortunate enough to live in the only town in England with free parking everywhere. Why can't everywhere be like swadlincote?


And that is the very reason why I have not driven in the capital in over 25 years.....nor will I ever again! Rip-off Britain indeed!

As a private hire driver most of my work is airport runs. Perhaps the website could do a report on the outrageous amounts airports charge for parking and in particular what Stansted charge to drop people off!! £2 for 10 minutes and £2 per minute for every minute after. Perhaps I could mention London City as well £6 for up to 30 minutes in the short stay.

And we're do they get the figures from??? Seems to me they are made up!