posted 2 years ago

Revealed: Clogged Commuter Roads Where You’d Be Faster Cycling

Majority of motorists are still able to travel faster than a bicycle

The misery facing many commuters is revealed in new Government data highlighting the English A roads with the slowest average speeds during peak-time journeys.

With the average cycling speed said to be around 13 mph, our research using the data suggests that some motorists might soon be better off abandoning their cars and buying a bicycle.

However, there is some good news for car owners. While average A road speeds during peak-time travel are continuing to fall, motorists in most regions are still able to enjoy faster journey times than road users on two wheels.

Would you be better off travelling by bicycle?

The figures below reveal the towns and cities with the slowest peak-time A road journeys in each of the major English regions.

Take a look to see if you’d be better off travelling by bicycle.

North East

Newcastle upon Tyne – 18.5 mph

North West

Manchester –15.4mph

Yorkshire and the Humber

Kingston upon Hull – 16.7mph

East Midlands

Nottingham – 15.6mph

West Midlands

Wolverhampton – 17.2mph

East of England

Southend-on-Sea – 18.7mph


Camden – 9.2mph

City of London – 9.2mph

South East

Reading – 13.8mph

South West

Bristol – 14.5mph

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