posted 4 years ago

Revealed: Towns Where Blue Badge Cheats Aren’t Prosecuted

Disabled parking statistics reveal some areas have no enforcement policy

More than seventy English local authorities had no policy in place to prosecute abuse of the Blue Badge Scheme for disabled parking last year, according to new Government statistics.

Research revealing the number of “ Blue Badge prosecutions, lost and stolen badges” during 2013/14 also provides evidence of the locations where most motorists have been caught attempting to cheat the system.

The worst offenders during 2013/14 were: 

  • Fulham, London, where there were 154 prosecutions for abuse of the Blue Badge system
  • Leeds, where there were 68 prosecutions
  • Lambeth, London, where there were 65 prosecutions
  • Birmingham, in the West Midlands, where there were 35 prosecutions
  • Bradford, Yorkshire, where there were 27 prosecutions
  • Bexley, London, where there were 26 prosecutions
  • Enfield, London, where there 26 prosecutions

In all but one of the cases recorded above, prosecutions were targeted at a non-badge holder using another person’s Blue Badge.

There were only eight prosecutions in total of Blue Badge holders.

All the prosecutions took place in locations where local authorities have a policy in place for prosecution of Blue Badge cheats.

No prosecution policy

The local authority areas where no prosecution policy was in place included the City of London, Coventry, Devon, Luton and Oldham.

No prosecutions have been noted in a single area where there is no policy in place, although it is possible that local authorities simply did not provide any data to the Department for Transport, which compiled the statistics.

It is also interesting to note that some local authorities issued far more replacement badges than were reported lost or stolen during the period on record.

Possible explanations include badges lost and stolen in a different year, badges damaged, or multiple badges in use in the name of a registered disabled driver.

In Lancashire, which has no prosecution policy, 337 replacement badges were issued during a period when only 10 badges were reported lost and seven reported stolen.

What do you think? Is it time for tighter regulation of the Blue Badge system?


Great idea- but who will be enforcing it?

I wish more people were prosecuted for this so that genuinely disabled people could then use the disabled bays more. Also why have any laws at all if we don't enforce them?

i do. Think there are to many to get to them