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Revealed: Why Women Are The Best Drivers

From buying cars to parking them, it's women drivers who really take the lead

1.  We’ll start with ‘the biggie’.  Women are actually better motorists than men.  And before you choke on your cheroot at the sheer audacity of that statement, there’s plenty of evidence to show it’s true!

2. Men may think they're in control in the showroom, but more and more women are actually in the driving seat when it comes to buying a car . Female car-ownership topped 40% for the first time in 2013, with almost 10million women registered as private car keepers (compared with 14.6 million men) – a 70% rise since 1994.   

3. Sir Stirling Moss may scoff, but women could be regularly competing in the male-dominated sport of Formula 1 sooner than you think. They just need to be given the same opportunities, says Susie Wolff, who drove in the practice sessions in Hockenheim in July, finishing just two-tenths of a second behind her team-mate, Filipe Massa.  

4. Ever seen the 1992 movie My Cousin Vinny, with Marisa Tomei as Mona Lisa Vito, the self-taught car expert?  Well, there are women like that in real life – female mechanics who’ve succeeded in the male bastion of the car repair garage.  Around 200 women mechanics work in the UK, and some are earning more than their male counterparts!

5. The joke is at last on the other foot now it’s been shown that women really are better at parking than men.  There’s acres of video footage to prove it after covert surveillance of car parks across Britain , conducted by NCP.  It shows women’s efforts may take longer, but they result in prettier parking.   

6. It’s not just women who are hopeless when it comes to changing a flat tyre.  According to anecdotal evidence from the RAC, men are just as likely as women to ask a mechanic for help to change a flat.

7. We all know that men won’t ask for directions when they’re clearly lost, just like they won’t turn around when it’s obvious they’re going the wrong way.  Male stereotyping? Maybe – but while research shows that men are indeed better than women at reading maps, women are less likely to get lost in the first place because they can remember routes better.  

8. Unfortunately, drink-driving isn’t solely male territory. The number of females convicted of driving while under the influence has almost doubled in recent years.  According to a survey, the figure for female convictions rose from 9% in 1998 to 17% by 2012.


What a load of tripe!! 90% of women cannot reverse or park between two cars, they can't read a map or understand an A to Z, never look into the rear view mirror unless its to adjust hair style, and drive for miles with a mobile balanced on the shoulder. Women are so inconsiderate that they leave the car at petrol pumps and go shopping inside the station before paying. They often obscure the back window with shopping etc, and come to a complete stop at roundabouts when nothing is coming. Many ignore child safety and let tots jump about in the front seat, they may not have accidents, but they sure cause em'

The stat that every article I've ever read about women being better drivers than men seems to avoid is the average mileage PA they do. On average men drive ~60% more miles per year than a woman, yet women are 13% less likely to have an accident... Doesn't quite stack up in favour of the 'fairer' sex does it? Personally I don't care about someones gender, I pay more attention to how skilled they are, and how much they actually care about the skill of driving. The sad fact is a LOT of motorists see it as a right, and that they don't really have to try very hard to get from A-B. Which leads to idiots with no consideration, spacial awareness or car control.

June 2010 women with kids in a 4x4 ploughs into the back of me while i'm waiting at lights. July 2012 a woman ploughs into the back of my car yet again, while slowing down to turn right at a junction.( I strongly suspect she was on the phone) August 2013, a good friend of mine is critically injured when a young woman knocks him off his motorcycle at a round about (She didn't see him!) Coincidence? - I think not. Both the first two women had young kids in the car - should pay a lot more insurance!

I broadly agree with the article, though I don't think good driving/bad driving has anything at all to do with gender but has a great deal to do with maturity and mentality and personality. Driving is not just negotiating the road system without mishap it is also not seeing lots of "accidents" in the rear view mirror. I have known a lot of drivers of both sexes and I think women drivers have the edge. Generally women drivers are slightly less prone to developing bad habits than men and on the road is about the only place women tend not to use intuition and justify it with a later thought process while behind the wheel is about the only place men have any intuition at all - overtaking on a left-hander or the brow of a hill "because they felt nothing was coming"... Men have the edge when it comes to driving with mechanical sympathy but even that is close; there are men who need a new lawn mower every season and there are women who can make a vacuum cleaner or a food mixer last a lifetime. These days fewer men and women lift the bonnet to check stuff - the men can see through the metal that all is ok and the women usually delegate the responsibility to a man. It is when the driving test is passed that a person begins to learn to drive; or doesn't! The sad fact is the number of men and women who have never actually advanced from that basic level of competency is far too high. It takes many skills and much experience to be a "driver".

The link "plenty of evidence" conveniently won't load, however I did find out that Octagon Insurance has a poor customer service record, so won't be using them for any "reliable information". Might be any idea to get your researchers to check on female parking techniques at any school around 8.30am, just for a laugh, a big laugh that is!!.

Women must be better drivers than men, they usually they drive with one hand, If a woman driver smokes, she will light up as soon as she gets into the car thus driving with one hand. The other thing that gets, me is that women will never give way, even when in the wrong. Lets face it, girls just don't have the extra bits to be good drivers.

Sorry guys, but women are also better at business than men - it's why there were always more women on my Board - helping build a £multi-million company...

oh boys why is it so hard for you to accept us girls are better at driving! I am an excellent driver, love driving. Better than any man x

I love the way lady drivers approach a round about, see nothing coming from the right, stop to let nothing go by before pulling away.

I like the way they mention Susie Wolff in F1, when you say "given the same opportunities as Susie Wolff" you mean marry a team principal and hope he gets you a test run?

Reversing in only has one advantage and that is perhaps a better view when departing. Way that against longer to park with more manovering ( holding up those behind you). Less visibility as you go into the bay, can you see the high curb? Don't forget the extra difficulty of getting the shopping in the boot, or the kids in the back. Only something a male driving instructor would suggest and a woman believe! :)

I think some of the driving skills of some women in the south east leave a lot to be desired. I was doing 40mph in a 40mph area and I got abuse off a woman when we got to a car park for holding up the traffic. I also laughed when a woman had been honking her horn for miles as I was sticking to the speed limit and she could not get past and when the road widened she put her foot down and the speed camera flashed.

This is the biggest load of horse manure I have partially read in a long time. My wife who has driven for nearly 30 years will back me up on this.Woman speed all the time,even in supermarket car parks,they are useless at reversing,they hog the middle of the road at junctions,if they are the first at traffic lights they stay at least a car length from the line.Just today a lady driver did this,even though the traffic light changed and bypast her(because the sensor did not pick up her car)she still never moved forward,I peeped the horn to no avail.The lights changed again which should have been in her favour but again bypast her,I had to get out my motor and tell her the sensor was not picking her up,only then did she move forward.I am finding this staying back from the line more and more,the drivers must be thinking they will get a fast start but are too thick to realise that they will get the same start at the line.I might add I hardly ever see a young male driver speeding.

So, apart from item 1, which states there is evidence that women make better drivers, the rest of the points here constitute 0% of any eveidence. I think it safest to say that there are good male and female drivers, just as there are bad male and female drivers. In my experience the difference is the way in which they are bad. One of my exs couldn't drive for tofee once she got speaking amd also commented that "6 gears is one too many for me" whilst often fogetting to change out of 4th in a 5 speed car. No doubt women can quote bad bloke driver incidents back too. But women can drive like complete berks as well as men, often with children on board because they're late for something. And isn't there something factual about testosterone levels and spatial awareness? Unless the women have been at the hormones...!

A better way of putting it would be," Women are less worse drivers than men", given the low standard of driving. Not me, of course. Bring back the men with the red flags.

Richard, this is another one of those arguments where the male of the species will never be allowed to come out of in a positive manner, so I will be taking the 5th on any further commentry, but I will say I'm surprised that such a sexist article would be published in this so called 'motoring' webpage!

Hehehe!! Methinks some of these lasses do protest too much! :-D

You must congratulate her Lewis. She actually used her rear view mirror. I often get in my car after my wife has driven it last and the rear view mirror has not been moved since I drove it before, the same can be said of the door mirrors, and the seat is always 5 miles too close so I can even get in! No excuses either, just press the memory button and it should all go back. Ha! Why is there only 1 memory button programmed? And whose is that?

I agree with the conclusions of this scientific study of statistics, and would also like to add that my wife has been driving for over 30 years, and has never been involved in an accident!!! She has however seen dozens in her rear view mirror, funny thing that.

Funny that its all male comments on this article, all fiercely stating that the article is wrong...not that the male of the species is at all defensive, behind the wheel or otherwise. Now Mighty milk, women are no longer given cheaper insurance as the courts deemed it discriminatory not because of the amount of accidents. Carl winter, the last accident I was in was the fault of the bloke in lane 3 who wanted lane two, unfortunately I was in lane 2 but he didn't realise this until he ploughed into my door. His excuse when he got out of the car, you weren't in that lane when I looked. Hmm, shame though that after he hit me he swerved back into his own lane and hit the car in front of him too. That driver was a bloke and instead of pulling out of the traffic, he parked his car in lane 3 and got out of the vehicle on the phone to his insurance company and left his car in the road for 40 minutes. Whereas of course I being the injured party, carefully moved her car onto the layby before dealing with the insurance details, not that the bloke in the car was at all aggressive towards me. And as for the bloke in No 3 car, shouting at everyone who even asked him to move his practically undamaged vehicle. That said being an advanced driver with RoSPA, I was rather annoyed when I got a speeding ticket recently 34 in a 30 zone, but when I went back to where it was supposed to have happened you are right Roy, there were no well placed signs to say a change of speed limit, oh well if I only make one speeding error in 24 years I will probably have been hit by a bus driven by a bloke before I get the next one.

Exactly Shaun, also driving with the handbrake on accompanied by ignoring the warning light on the dashboard to tell you so, in fact ignoring all warning lights including the one that tells you that you have no petrol left !!!

Absolute rubbish. Who ever wrote that, ought to go to Specsavers.

Completely agree with all comments below 👇 I've experienced it all, including parking and reversing, did anyone mention applying make up in the rear view mirror whilst driving !!

I know many men who seem to be terrified by their wives/girlfriends or to use modern jargon "partners" and would be afraid to express their real opinions if interviewed in front of said partner. My wife couldn't park a car properly if her life depended on it and has many a time scraped the near side of my 5 series touring and also thinks that the automatic gearbox is not to be trusted when going down hill so slams it into manual mode at 40mph often causing it to nearly stand on its nose! We have had it nearly 10 years now, thank God its a BMW or it would have died long ago and we are on first name terms with everyone in the body shop !!!

Well, that was all very interesting. Like the front page of a newspaper, it may read well but is usually far from the truth. And the truth is that women CANNOT park without being given such a space it's untrue. And reversing. You are having a laugh. They don't like it so they generally do not do it. However, I am usually very happy to sit with a lady driver as they generally keep within the speed limit and are careful drivers. And nobody has mentioned night driving which is normally a no-no. So lets have a re-think shall we.

This article = mostly false.

Insurance companies used to give women cheaper insurance,but that's stopped now because the realised women have no spacial awareness and hit more statioary objects than men 😈

Sorry Ladies. This is not a theory, it is a statement of fact. Every crash I have been party to, every crash but one that I have witnessed, and every single damn near miss, it was a woman driver that caused it. And a lot of the issues have been caused by panic when something around them has changed suddenly.

How many women drivers were compared with how many male drivers to arrive at this opinion? I have just been involved in a multiple car accident, caused by a lady driver who was late for her dancing lesson, and did not slow down near a t-junction. Result? Three wrecked cars.!!! I have asked the publishers of the Highway Code to add another paragraph stating that there is an additional onus of responsibility on drivers approaching a t-junction, as well as emerging from a t-junction... Another cause of this accident was the lack of a sensibly positioned 30 mph sign, at least 100 yards away from said t-junction.......

go girl go, my girlfriend is an excellent driver! has also taken part in track days, well done Kath

Ive never heard such utter twaddle. You can pull all your poor calculated % out the sky but it doesent change the fact that Women arent better, just calmer. Calmer doesent make better just as the macho man doesent mean hes the best either. Everything aside men are better with machinery and women are undoutably better at other things.

There are some very good female drivers, in my reckoning there are 10 times more worse female drivers.

One of the article links says: Figures from the Driving Standards Agency last year disclosed that tens of thousands more women fail their driving test on parking errors than men. So how does that square up with your conclusion?

As usual, a dim article by a dim, or maths callenged, journalist. I pointed out recently to a male journalist that comparing percentages is totally flawed if the number of male offenders has dropped by half and the number of female offenders has remained static, the percentages would change. Eg 100 males goes to 50;females remain at 50. Old percentage for females was 33 and the new is now 50. One actually needs to check out the documented figures before making an idiot of one's self...... I would be surprised if the rest of the cherry-picked so-called 'facts' or 'evidence' hold water any better.......

LOL and written by a woman, say no more :>

I am a female driver but I always experienced the female drivers are the worse on road.they are never involved in accident but they definetly cause the accidents.

The evidence of whether some one is better than someone else is nearly always based on insurance claims, Now this is always going to be heavily skewed by the sheer volume of male drivers on the road compared to women. likewise with the ages of drivers. It has also been proven that men are better at different aspects of driving to ladies. So this report is really pointless especially as at no point does it say why women are better motorist than men!! At the end of the day who cares really!! as long as our fellow road users drive carefully and considerately!

Ref - Chris Brine... Sorry but using the reasoning of reverse parking is not helping your case. I always reverse park as driving into a parking space is lazy and your turning circle is limited trying to reverse out between 2 parked cars. Any advanced driving instructor will tell you that. As for this report, the sexism is oozing out of it! I could browse the internet and enough "proof" that men are better lingerie models than women.. but who's going to believe that. I'm not denying there are some fantastic women drivers out there and equally some terrible male drivers, but you've got to go a long way yet to prove that women are the "best drivers"

My husband tells me I'm better at parking than him. I once was parallel parking and a chap on the pavement stopped and shook his head because he thought there was no way I get in the space. When I got out the car he applauded and said that he would never have attempted that space with the car I had. Plenty of room - 4" at the front and 5" at the back - simples!

Women may or may not be better drivers than men. This article does nothing to prove it. Of the 8 points only #5 would indicate women outperform men.There is then the caveat they take longer to achieve it. The title "Why Women Are The Best Drivers" is a con. The battle can simmer on.

Chris, in answer to your comment about women always reversing into spaces, I was taught to do that as a female driver regularly on her own. It's a safety thing as it's easier to drive out of a space if in a threatened situation than it is to reverse out..

Interesting, but nothing contained in the article supports the statement that "women are better drivers than men"

Personally sometimes this is not always true. When it comes to parking why do then women always prefer to reverse into parking space,take two parking spaces in street,even sometimes very impatient drivers if delayed,always doing their makeup behind wheel!!